Week Four Done

Well, how happy am I. After the first run of this week thinking will I do this, and now having just done the third run. I cant say how good I feel after the 3rd run, even managed to speed up a bit for the last minute or so. But what I am impressed with is how fast I am recovering, my blood pressure drops back to almost resting quite quickly which given my age and bulk is good. I am looking forward to w5 more than I looked forward to W4. Let's see how I feel after the week. But four weeks ago I was there thinking can I do this? Now it's yes I can. I do have a goal to do a park run before Xmas and that is what I am aiming for.


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9 Replies

  • Great to hear this. I'm a bit anxious about WK 4 but am trusting to the programme and also the fact I've noticed more improvements in the speed of my recovery (rather than in the speed of my running!)

  • Of course you can do this. There is no reason for doubt.

    This programme works and you are doing the work.

    Well done.

  • Good stuff! It is amazing to feel the progress and improvement isn't it? I am aiming for a park run before Xmas too. 😀

  • Park Run for me too, if I can sort my pace issues out before then.

  • It is amazing how quickly your body changes and reacts to the runs, as long as you keep supplying enough oxygen to your lungs you can keep going the rest is really in your head.

    I'm not sure on your size but I'm 21 stone 11 so I'm no lightweight on my run this morning my max heart rate was 164-5, if I made a conscious effect to further regulate my breathing then I could get that down to 159-160. Technically I could speed up a little and use that extra I have left but I want to get to the end of the run not A&E.

    My point is this, without even realising it, you ARE getting fitter with each run, your stamina levels are increasing with each run and you are beginning to believe that you can do it. The last one of these IS the one that will get you to the end of each run, irrespective of the length of it.

    I normally work on two principles when I'm about to jump on the treadmill:

    1: As Luke Skywalker says in the trailer to the new Star Wars film, "Breathe, just breathe".

    2: Relax and enjoy the run.

  • Weight wise, I'm 118kg with high blood pressure due to a highly stressful job. But working on it, with my age my max BP should be 166, at the end of the first 5min run on r1 my BP was at 186 but soon dropped off. Today at the end of the run the highest it got to was 176 and with a minute was down to 160 and falling. Quite happy at that.

  • I beat you on the weight, the last time I checked my blood pressure it was on the upper edge of ok, I'll get it checked again when I graduate C25K, I did have my cholesterol checked a couple of years ago, twice actually about a year apart, first one was upper range of ok, the second was perfect, I was running, sort of, at the time but nothing like now.

    My job can get stressful, so I'm told, as I can be responsible for the delivery of several major IT projects at any one time and I tend to be the technical guy in charge of them BUT I subscribe to the Martin Riggs school of stress management, take a look at Lethal Weapon 3, I think it is when Rigg's says I know when to say F**k it.

  • Fabulous, what a very positive post. I have no doubt you will achieve your goal.

  • That is one of my favourite sayings.... not, Can I do this.? ..but... I CAN do this... Go you!!!

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