w9r1 in the bag. I know I am slow and I am not running anywhere near 5 km, but just being able to run for 30 minutes without stopping is achievement enough for now. Today I ran in shorts for the first time - this is not something I would have done a few weeks ago. But I figured I am a runner now so why not! It was actually rather liberating and certainly much cooler than jogging pants.

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  • Well done on all counts there. I graduated the programme today and still not on 5k but I know slowly I will learn to run faster and so will you. Running for 30 minutes is a huge acheivment when you remember week 1.

  • Fantastic - well done! Don't know if I am more impressed with you graduating or going out in shorts! I have not plucked up the courage to bare my legs in spite of the recent heat. I have just ordered a Nike skapri from Wiggle (this is a whole new language as well!) which is sort of short leggings with a little skirt on top. We'll see if I ever wear it! ;-)

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