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I just ran for 30 whole minutes! I’m not embarrassed to say my eyes welled up a bit at the end, although the hayfever might have had something to do with that. I’m in awe of what I have achieved and how far I’ve come! 10 weeks ago I could barely run for 60 seconds and now here I am, my pace increasing on every run without trying and my body slowly getting leaner. I haven’t lost any weight but that was never my goal. I just wanted to be fitter and healthier, and perhaps get rid of some of the extra belly I’m carrying around.

Two more runs to go!

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Well done you !!! I’m a few weeks behind, just literally finished week 5 run 2 ( the dreaded 2 x 8 minutes) and smashed it. Can’t wait to be where you are on week 9 and I think I’ll get a little emotional too when I do.

Again massive well done 👍🏻


Well done you... that podium is waiting with your name on it ..You should be so proud 😊😊


Fantastic! Headed out for W9R2 tomorrow (I think) and hoping to graduate this weekend. Will you be sharing the podium with me?

I think I whooped out loud at the end of my R1 😄

Caotykim in reply to Hidden

Run 2 on Saturday and then I’ll be on the podium on Monday, so not far behind!

It’s unexpectedly emotional isn’t it!


Well done! I’m doing this run tomorrow and rather than fret I’m just looking forward to another challenge. I can’t say I’ve loved every second of this but, like you, I’m chuffed to bits at just being able to jog for more than a minute! It’s a feat I would have considered impossible some weeks ago. The podium is in sight! Good luck

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