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After two "practice" runs for W9R1 I've finally completed R1!!! It was awful though. First 10 minutes was good, next 10 minutes difficult, last 10 minutes was pure hell. I hated it. The endorphins have failed to kick in and it's now nearly two hours since I stopped running. Not sure WHAT is going on.

11 Replies
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I found that you get a lot of time to think on these runs, it's a real challenge mentally. You don't say that you felt like stopping during the run but if you did this is normal, you finished it. That's a huge thing. You won't get the endorphins after every run.

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RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to DawnRun

Actually, it was the stopping that caused half the problem I think DawnRun . I was out quite early so most of the roads I crossed I was able to continue running across but there were a couple where I had to stop and I totally lost my pace and then I had to stop to open a gate (into a nature reserve). It was after this that I lost it the will to live, let alone to continue running!

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You ran for 30 mins.✋...that should make you smile.

Now you know you can manage the 30, take the pressure of yourself and for R2 slow down the start, push through the middle and autopilot to the end...😉

Go on ...you are doing fantastic.😄x

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RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Bluebirdrunner . I run so, so, slowly - I truly couldn't slow down anymore. I love this hot weather we're having but I don't cope with it especially well. It can be arctic temperatures and I'll still overheat so when it's so warm it causes me real problems. I went out early this morning to avoid the heat but it was still too much for me. Trying to find some long shorts - knee length or just above - as there is no way I will wear the tiny shorts that you see most women running in. Every run feels like such a struggle at the moment. It was like this at the very beginning but weeks 5-8 felt more achievable.

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Hi Rebecca, it sounds like you are doing a grand job, and your mental strength is keeping you going. To be very honest, I don't think I enjoyed week 9 that much either, but since then have had some good runs, so it really is worth sticking with it. Keep going - you CAN do it!

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You ran...for 30 minutes... :) usually the first toxic ten are not good.. so you started well :)

Did you start a tad too fast maybe, are you slightly under par.. is the weather humid..it could be so many thing why you felt the other 20 mins were bad!

Let that one go,tucked away under your belt. Pat yourself on the back because you still completed it!

next run.. slow and steady and relax into a gentle pace.. you are so close now :)

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RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Oldfloss I truly run so slowly that I couldn't run much slower - I know you always say you can, but truly, I can't. 14min mile - very slow. The first ten, mentally, I was strong, the next ten, mentally ok but much of the route was in full sun and even though I went out early, it was hot. Last ten lost of stop starts as I had to cross roads or faced gates. I live about 15 miles from Brighton. I think that I may do a 30 minute run along the seafront - super flat, hopefully a bit of a breeze and a change of scenery. Wish I'd thought of that before this morning's run actually!

This is my third attempt at W9R1 - there have been too many bad runs recently. Mentally I was in a great place this morning so it's all the most disappointing......

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to RebeccaSK

Oh dear:( It is horrid... ) :(

Sounds to me like the heat got to you! I know I was out early... had a light jacket on, but by the time I was heading back at 7.30.. and in North Wales too.. I was so hot.. I took jacket and.. shock horror...my top off!!! Sports Bra on of course!

The Esplanade here in Criccieth was fresher.. and that may be your answer:) Not Criccieth.. Brighton... obviously!

Please, try and hang in there... stuff happens to throw us... I am just off the IC.. after 12 days plus....two runs in and this morning, I think it may have all gone pear shaped again! I am hoping not, but as Hans Solo would say.." I've got bad feeling about this"...

Chin up...you will get there :)

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It's all in your head, you just proved to yourself you can do this! Keep going you will be graduating before you know it!

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RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to T1gger

Mostly in my head! :-)

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The heat is a killer. I had to stop after 20 minutes a few runs ago as I was exhausted 😩 . Luckily I wasn't on any programme so it didn't bother me too much. And yes.... once I've stopped I can lose motivation. You're not on your own here. Remember though every run counts - even if it doesn't quite go to plan it makes you stronger and we usually learn something. You're doing great. 👍

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