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Back to the begining - Starting again After illness

Well i have been laid up for over two weeks with a pretty serious virual infection.

I have to visit the doctor tomorrow and hopefully i will get to ok to start training again.

I have no plans or events i have to attend and my office schedule has reduced.

Fingers crossed 6am saturday morning i Am out with Laura and restarting the plan again.

Hope everyone is still having fun

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Best of luck to you, MartC78....hope all goes well at the doc and you ARE out there Saturday morn. Sometimes life happens, inconveniently, but we can't let it get us down now, can we? Good luck on the restart...I'll be waiting to see how you do...

Have fun!


Good luck with the restart ....kudos for getting back on the horse ... watch out for post viral fatigue though and dont do too much too soon. C25K will wait for you until you are ready... just dont give up if Sat is too early. Its them **** virusseses not you.


Hope you get the ok to start again but if you feel too tired when you are out please don't push yourself. Better to ease yourself back - I know it may well be frustrating but viral infections are vicious.


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