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Hi it's me again. Since I last started the c25k I had put nearly 3 stone in weight on, I was smoking like a chimney and all my bones were hurting due to rheumatoid arthritis. I'd like to think that I'm a young 46 but I felt about 96!

9 weeks ago I decided to do something about it. I started a healthy eating plan, which has already helped me lose 16lbs. Then 4 weeks ago I stopped smoking which has helped me start to get fit again. I started by going for long, hilly walks with the kids and after a couple of weeks I started running a little bit of the walks.

I have been in the background on this site for a while now reading everybody's inspirational stories so I convinced myself that I may actually be able to succeed this time round.

Yesterday I went for my first run. I didn't use the podcasts as my hubby came with me and he was doing the timing.

The first two runs seemed to be over really quickly, third run seemed a little longer and the final 3 runs made my calves burn like hell. But I did it. I was so proud of myself. It was nowhere near as bad as last time and I actually felt like I could do it again!

So, here's a 46 year old mum of 4, ex 35 year heavy smoker with still 3 stone to lose. If I can get out there and do something to improve my health and my life then absolutely anybody can.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all.

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  • You know -- maybe I shouldn't say this , but I believe that you are LUCKY to still be alive!! 35 years of heavy smoking?? My sister -in -law recently died a very long and unpleasant death from lung cancer, which had metasticized throughout her body attacking all over but especially her bones. Thank God - it eventually got to her brain - but we all wish it could have been quicker for her .. AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN SMOKE!!!!

    Furthermore, I have friends who are so overweight that they are almost unable to walk - their knees have given way on them from carrying around such excess weight for so long.

    It sound's like you have had a bit of an epiphany - and I do hope that you can maintain the strength and will power to lose weight, stay off the fags and live a long enjoyable old age :)

    This is a good starting point for you -- but as the saying goes - "you can lead a horse to water - but you can't make him drink!! " :)

  • Thanks Bazza. I totally agree with you and I am so sorry you lost your sister-in-law to such a dreadful disease. I never ever thought I could stop smoking but I have and I am going to use the same determination to conquer the c25k.

    I see you're a graduate, what are you doing running-wise now?

  • I will be 69 later this year - right now I am training for my first half marathon. I never could run when I was younger - but C25K taught me how to run and the Internet is full of other useful info which has stirred me along the way . I started my "running log" at the beginning of 2014 and I have 1350 klms on it now. I am running 4 times per week ( some non-stop and some using run/walk intervals) and am up to 35 klm per week now - my long run for this week is 15 klm and I am intending to increase that to 20 klm before the HM in late October. This HM could be quite "tough" as I am expecting temperatures where we live in the mid 30'sC around noon. I will have to take it slow and steady.

    One day I will no longer be able to run - but today is not that day!!! :)

  • Wow you are an inspiration. Good luck with the HM, I am sure you will do fine. I've got a 10k walk in September which I hope I can throw a few runs into.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

  • Hey lancslass welcome to c25k from another Lancashire lass 😊 well done on getting started you won't regret it. The main thing is you've done the worst bit - run one! I strongly advice the podcasts and getting into a routine of doing the 3 runs per week where you can. Go slow. Have rest days. Post on here for support and to keep motivated. I'm older than you and never run since I take me trainers everywhere!! Enjoy!!

  • Thanks Northernspirit. When I get more confident is when I will leave the hubby at home and go with the podcasts. I am going to do it 3 times a week because I would love to complete within the 9 weeks.

    What are you doing now you've graduated?

  • Graduating took me about 12 weeks due to time on the IC....and since then I also got hip pain which took about 5 weeks to bugger off. So, I'm still working towards 5k, running 3 times a week, regularly doing 3.5-4.5k and still finding it unbelievable that i can do any of it at all! I've lost weight, gained confidence, feel soooooo much better, and am happy to continue like this for now....but my dream would be to do 10k! Am sure I will πŸ˜€ My advice is therefore always - slow n steady, watch out for the pains if you get them, but never give up πŸ˜€

  • Yeah! Welcome to the forum, and well done for getting back in control. I decided to change my lifestyle in January after losing someone to cancer - he was someone who didn't smoke, didn't drink too much, wasn't overweight, took regular exercise... So I reckon that we should put every chance on our side to be healthy and not take unnecessary risks.

    Running is addictive, but it's a good addiction. You'll see!

  • That is really odd that you should restart now! They sent me the "look up who is near you" yesterday - and it was you! But when I read your posts they were all 3 years old ( you had stopped). I started again 6 weeks ago and start week 7 tomorrow. Well done on everything - you will do it this time. I joined a running group that runs from the Foxfields Hotel in Whalley if that's any use to you ( Monday evenings)

  • Hi Ribble lady. Thanks for your message. Well done for completing 6 weeks. How did you find them them?

    Whalley is a bit far from me (I am in South Ribble) but we do have a running club here that I might join when my confidence has increased

  • Actually OK. Week 5 and some of 6 was done on a very hot holiday so that has spurred me on - even bought some proper running shoes! My goal this time is to think about pace eventually as the last time I completed the programme I could do the 5km but it took ages! Overweight by about 2 stone but hopefully that will begging to tone up and shift a bit as I get going a bit more. I find being on here super inspiring so keep going. The running group is also fab - I recommend joining one!

  • Double well done on your weight loss and the stopping smoking , am an ex smoker of 40 odd years myself and now over 18 months smoke free :D , believe me it does get easier with time so stick at it and you will stay smoke free :D

    Stay positive and trust in the program and yourself and you will be just fine, good luck we all behind you :D

  • Giving up smoking, (over 20 years ago, was the hardest thing I have done, so well done on that. I took my weight in hand 2 years ago and did c25k at the beginning of last year. I had never run before and at school hated all the things that involved it like hockey and netball.

    Just after starting c25k a friend entered me for a marathon as my 59th birthday present! I did the marathon in August last year. You note I say did, not ran, as I alternated walking with jogging & it took me 6.5 hours.

    So good luck with your journey and believe that anything is possible for you to achieve.

  • Go Girl - Well Done for taking charge of your life πŸ˜‡

  • Here's some good news: After giving up smoking, nothing else is ever difficult again. Not *that* difficult. Keep the smoking addiction under control, and you can do Anything. If you just follow c25k, not thinking too much about this or that tomorrow, and just sticking with what you need to do today, you will manage it. I almost did (might still even complete it one day, too), and I've given up smoking. Compared to giving up smoking, c25k has been a walk in the park. That's not to say it's easy. It can be hard. It's been a struggle at times. But with all that, it's been childs play compared to giving up smoking. So go forth wih some hope in you. You really can do it!

  • Thanks a lot Gary. Well done to you for stopping. Hope your running continues to go ok.

  • Way to go you! Have a look at this timeline for health improvements after stopping smoking. Some benefits come quickly: Hang in there! Great job!

  • Thanks RFB. In my first week of stopping I looked at every timeline I could find, think I became a little obsessed! I just don't think about ciggies at all now.

    Thanks for taking the time to send that to me.

    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

  • You too Lanclass!

  • Hi lancslass, congratulations on taking control :)

    I have reduced my excess weight from 5 stone to 4 stone, this following a bit of a scare with a reaction I had to something I ate, and now try to eat more healthy.

    I started to give up smoking 6 years ago, with a few false starts but still continued to quit. I would still like a ciggie at times but I like being smoke free. I have found lots of benefits to not smoking and today I class myself as a non smoker. Very well done to you :) I know from personal experience just how difficult giving up smoking can be.

    I have recently began the Couch 2 5K and have just completed week 2. I have not found couch 2 5k particular easy, however like you am an avid reader of posts, which have contained some great advice, a couple of bits that I have found most helpful is slow and steady, ( I did not have my camera to hand when the snails overtook me while I was jogging lol), trust Laura/podcasts, try some stretch and flex and its not a race each person completes the weeks in their own time and moves on when they feel ready.

    It sounds like you have lots and lots of support from your partner which is brilliant.

    Best wishes and utmost respect to you and don't panic if you have a bad day, tomorrows another day.

    glen :)

  • Hi Glen. Thank you so much for your message and well done to you also for packing the ciggies in and for your incredible weight loss.

    So you've completed week 2, you must be so proud of yourself as it's a massive achievement. I hope you don't mind but I am going to follow you to watch your progress and to gain inspiration from you.

    Good luck and keep posting.

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