Couch to 5K

Back on track ...but watching out for the crocs

My last post I was a bit p&^*^&d off having to give up on a run due to a sharp pain in my left calf.

Was supposed to be week6run1 but instead it was a week of rest (no running)

icing a couple of times a day with a bag of peas at the beginning. I did lots of "mid air stretches" ie not weight bearing. Sat down and did circles with my foot in the air, pointed it and flexed it, the idea being to keep my muscles moving without taxing them. Gradually tested load bearing calf stretches standing with toes on the edge of a step and heel in mid air. Also did some flexing of calf by gradually standing up on tiptoe and going back down again slowly. Initially I had to back off on the loaded stretches and flexes cos it started to hurt but wsa ok by sunday PM.

Monday am I finally dared to try running again ...very scared that i) the pain would come back and ii) that I'd lost it.

I went back to week 4. Did a 3 min warm up walk followed by some stretches before I started the podcast and its warm up. Happy to say that Neither of my fears were realised and that it was actually quite a bit easier than the first time arround. Made sure that I did some more stretches at the end and carried on walking at a slow pace (was with my dog) to walk out the feeling that I would sieze up if I stopped.

Today I'm back on track having got week6 run1 out of the way. I have a target of graduating by the end of July which is still just about doable.

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Brillant! Resting was the bright thing to do. Congratulations for being back on track.


That's great, KANdoit! Walking that injury tightrope is nervewracking...glad to hear you are up and running again!

Have fun...


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