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Back in the game

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After losing motivation I git back in the game today and did a pretty tough 5k as my Week 8 Run 2 run.

Was really tough but really enjoyed it and got a smashing medal for the effort.

Mojo back, proper stretching and warm up has certainly helped and my problem calf hasn’t been bad. Definitely easier running with people, was getting demoralised running on my own I think

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Well done and nice bling for a worthy cause 👍

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glentoran99Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

You need a medal for all the help and replies you give folks on here

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to glentoran99

I got my shiny graduation badge, I’m happy

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Well done you..take it gently and be kind to are doing wonderfully.

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Brilliant glen! Glad the bling helped! Not every run has to be a max effort - so maybe for your next run start finding comfort and relaxation in a slightly slower pace, enjoy the rhythm of your breathing and letting your legs just carry you. Trying to enjoy to actual running will help keep you motivated 😁👍

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Official time 33 mins delighted

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