Wk5 R3 - Check!!! Buzzing!

I'm sat here all sweaty and red after completing W5R3!!! I am so chuffed!!! I JUST RAN FOR 20 BLOODY MINUTES!!!!!!

I was terrified of failing to complete it but just focused on how it would feel to nail it and before I knew it Laura told me I could slow down!

It was still bloody hard work and my legs ached the whole way (pretty much) but I can't believe I'm the same person that puffed and panted through W1R1 a few weeks ago!

Right must go shower now!

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  • Woo well done! You'll be running the full 30mins before you know it :D

  • well done thats brilliant.

  • Well done you! I did mine last night & my face is aching more than my legs as I haven't stopped smiling :-)

  • Good job, angelmummy! That's such a wonderful feeling, that first long run...congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  • Well done!!!! it feels amazing!!!

    Well done to jomcc4 too. You are both amazing!!

  • Well done, its a great feeling to get that one done. Hard to describe it to people who arent doing this program :)

  • Congratulations, I bet you're grinning. Isn't this programme amazing? Five weeks going from the depths of despair at 30 seconds to running for 20 whole minutes. Very good luck in week 6!

  • i love this run, now that it's over! :) I really feel there's hope for 30 minutes. Well done, angelmummy and here's too next week for both of us :)

  • Well done, bet your still smiling :)

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