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step back to week 3

Decided to go back to week 3 after Sundays disasterous attempt at week 4.

Went to the Drs today as I have had a persistant cough since a heavy cold 2 months ago and thought that might have something to do with my breathing and exhaustion - I have been prescribed anti histimines and a ventolin inhaler! Hay fever.

Well seems to have worked as I managed the week 3 run today, just. Another week 3 run Thursday then another attempt at week 4 on Sunday

Really wish I could think about something else when running to take my mind off it - but brain just goes 'breath' 'take another step' 'must be nearly over'

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Well done - Must have been much more comfortable with the anit-histamines and inhalers. Surprised that you even got out of the door... Week four will be fine.


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