Take a step back or re-run?

Did W5 Run 3 yesterday... just about. Walked for about 2 minutes of the total so don't feel I've cracked it yet. Am wondering whether it's best to take a step back to Run 2 and then back to Run 3, or re-do Run 3 straight off before (hopefully) moving on to Week 6? Looking at my pace, I think I started off too fast so maybe I just need to try again and go slower! But the main problem is in my head... lack of belief. Need to crack it to believe. Chicken and egg!


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20 Replies

  • I totally get you. I completely failed at run 3 week 7 but I just parked it and carried on. I think sometimes we just have bad runs. I didn't regret not redoing as I smashed the next one. Up to you but I would just keep going! xxx

  • Thanks :) I think as this is the first 'big run' I need to nail it before I move on, but I take your point about bad runs - was bound to happen sooner or later xx

  • Rerun. That was the same run that tripped me up. Start off really really slow. You'll nail it next time.

  • Thanks - I find it hard to know how slow is slow, if you know what I mean. But yesterday was clearly too fast!

  • If you can go slower, do it. I understand it's tough though, I seem to have one speed. Another trick I use when my previous run didn't go as planned is to change up my route for the next one. Any new route will do, just a change of scenery is often enough. Sometimes I also pick intentionally easy routes. I live in a hilly area, so I'll either drive to a flat route or pick a route by my house where the second half is all downhill. It's all about tricking your head. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • I've just been planning a reversal of my usual route which puts the uphill bit at the beginning (during my warm-up) and the rest pretty much on the flat. Hoping that helps!

  • I think rerun and go slower , redoing will give the self belief you can and will go onto graduate :)

  • Thanks, I think you're right. Tomorrow I'll try again :)

  • Good for you :)

  • New grads think they know it all Ha Ha, no, the F word is a NO NO on here. if you have a bad run then you should do that run again and as you say, nail it, and not just move on to the next run, or the programme's not being completed properly. You'll get there, there's no rush ....😊

  • Thanks Dave - I know you're right, will try it again tomorrow. Must say I'm quite looking forward to my medical on Thursday... will have a somewhat different answer this year to the previously dreaded "do you exercise at least 3 times a week?" question :)

  • Just try it again. If you go a bit slower you will probably find it okay this time. Good luck!

  • Thanks - the encouragement on here is a real help.

  • Well done, only 2 minutes means you were almost there. Bet you smash it next time. It's definitely a test of mental strength. Good luck x

  • Thank you - all set for tomorrow (refusing to check the weather forecast just now - hoping it's not like it was this morning!) x

  • Hi there, next time you do this run, you'll show it who's boss... Sounds like you were really, really close today, and that's fab. Look back in awe and wonder at how far you've come from those 60 second runs! I have this run tomorrow, and will repeat if I don't make the 20 mins - even if it takes me ten attempts! We will get there :)

  • Redo run 3. You already know you can do run 2. Slow, slow, slow.....

  • Hi, I agree that you should re-run wk5R3

    It's an important one, start off really really slowly so you have enough in the tank to finish. You can do it, you just panicked. Do that flat route though, it's hard enough without a hill thrown in.

    Good luck. :)

  • Really appreciate all the replies - think a bit of a "go girl" was all I needed. Feeling really positive about re-running now... and if I don't crack it tomorrow, will just keep going 'til I do :)

  • YES!!! Did what you all said, took it REAL slow and finished no problem this time. Switched my route around to avoid an uphill music, got rid of Laura (sorry Laura, but I find knowing how much further discouraging rather than the opposite, and I need MY music!) - both of which helped. Even felt I could have gone on longer at the end.

    Thanks again for all the encouragement xx

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