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One step forward two steps back


Got to week 5 and now I have broken my leg 😢 I was doing so well even completed my first 5K event and was happy now things are bad and I’m waiting for surgery

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How unfortunate.

Too early but try and keep positive .

Bring your gems to this community,

Catch up your running reading and thoughts.

Convalescing movements.

The A team will be along soon.

Take care of you.👏👏


Oh no, did you slip on ice? Was it your ankle? Poor you, that rotten 😞

Yh first day Of snow literally took one step out the back door with my baby and fell luckily she’s okay but I heard a snap and it’s my tibia 🙁

SeasidepandaGraduate in reply to Carly1122

Oh no, that’s terrible! Glad baby wasn’t hurt though...are you getting a tibial nail? I’m sure there’ll be other exercise you can do while you recover...

I’m a radiographer- soooo many ice injuries at our hospital over our snow days, it was awful!!

Jen58 in reply to Carly1122

Ouch, how easy accidents happen poor you , speedy recovery .. Pleased your little one is ok ,

Cripes you poor thing, thank goodness your baby is okay - that seems to be the only bright thing you can say in these circumstances.

I hope you recover soon and keep popping into the forum to et us know you’re getting on. I am guessing this is now weeks in r & r.


So sorry to hear this you will be gutted I know I would be. I stupidly started to run in all that slush today and was sliding everywhere so luckily I saw sense I went to gym. Hope your on the mend soon x


Oh yikes?!! That’s really bad must be so frustrated? Thank goodness your baby was ok though eh? Thats your instinct kicking in...making sure baby was ok no matter how your body fell...hopefully your recovery won’t take too long...big hug to you x

That's a shame. I'm sorry. It took me 6 years between starting to try to run and graduating c25k. I had plenty of set-backs and discouragements along the way. Which is to say, it sometimes feels as though everyone else here is progressing at a steady rate and completing the program in 9 weeks but many MANY of us have had a more circuitous route, and perhaps our graduations feel even sweeter because of it. Please take all the time your body needs to heal thoroughly and safely, then start again. Remember the Japanese saying: fall down 7 times, stand up 8. xo

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that (and echo about your baby) why don’t you still come on here lots and keep us updated... also, think of all the tips you will have picked up whilst convalescing!... you’ll be super charged by the time you can walk/ run again. Rotten luck! I really do feel for you. 😢

Liz x


Really bad luck - hope you are getting lots of support. Glad your baby is OK. Keep posting about your recovery, and at least you know this forum will be here for you whenever you're ready to start running again.

Speedy recovery xxx


Oh Carly, I'm so sorry, how unlucky. I'm glad your "wee one" is ok - you must both have had a real fright. I hope you have friends and family who can help you while you are in a pot and also to let you get some rest in the early weeks especially.

You will recover and when your doctors advise you that you are ready to run again, you will.

You have plenty of people keeping you company on the delay couch (including me). 😀

So very sorry, hope you mend soon 🙏


Oh ouch! :( Wishing you a speedy recovery and a happy return to running when you’re fully healed...


How awful for you, it must have been horrible. Glad the little one is ok.

Take care of yourself, fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery 🤞😊

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