Couch to 5K

Week 3 to Week 4 - `BIG Jump` / SMALLER steps!

""The Sun is out, The Sky is blue - Week 4.1 definitely something new!"" Jumping from 9 mins of running to 16 mins of running makes a huge difference - had to take an `adddtional` 45 second recovery half way through the last 5mins run due to V dry mouth - will be taking some fluid next time!

Great to be able to maintain an element of actually covering some distance with dignity!

Looking forward to getting consistent by end of Week 4 to prep for Week 5!!

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Well done, I have just completed week 4, looking forward to week 5!


Cheers bizzyb - Looking at the program details, hopefully, with Week 4 in the bag, should be able to step up to Week 5!

3 weeks ago, thought my thighs were on fire! - It kind of gets easier and harder at the same time!


Well done on getting this far - keep following the programme and you will be fine!


Cheers Juicydee!


Well done! I'm starting week 4 tomorrow, and hope I fare as wll a you did. Looks like a big step up!


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