Couch to 5K

getting from 5k to 10k in a month

my wife and i have been doing c25k together and are both part way through week seven.

An opportunity has arisen for a 10k run in my wifes home town in august which she is keen to do. (She has previously done a 10k some time, two children and a serious illness ago) ghe reason for her being so keen is that late last year she lost her dad and a part of the aim of the c25k was to be able to raise money for the charity who supported the family (The MSA trust) her dad was also a keen sportsman, runner etc. so everything seems to fall into place apart from the fact that its too soon really.

i decided against going for it as although i'm at the same stage im still two stone overweight and dont really have any history of running etc. she's pretty skinny and as i say has done a 10k before and feels that if she can get up to 7k or so then the emotion and excitement on the day will carry her to the 10.

I know there are some plans out there to get from 5k to 10k but from what i can see they tend to do it over more weeks than she currently has.

we had thought about three weekly runs, with two shorter and one increasingly longer run for each of the weeks. with the big run going up by 1k per week?



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That sounds like the plan I was given by a running coach at the gymn! He said to take take a full days rest after the long run to recover though. I guess it depends on how you feel and how focused you are, anything is possible really as long as you listen to your body and take reasonable care. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Hi This is a 6 week plan and a podcast (though w6 is missing!)

If you want to do if in less time I would skip week 1 and/or 4.

Don't forget she can always walk if needed.

Good luck, hope she has a great run and you can join in next year :)


Lets try that again!


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