Couch to 5K

W8R1 Fantastic !

Yesterday I was supposed to start the W8 but got up extremely tired to the point that after preparing Hubby's lunch box I had to go back to bed and slept till 10:30 ( must had happened twice in all my life !)

This morning despite waking up half an hour too late for the morning running, I felt good and " hit the road" full of confidence.

Started nice and slow (6.8km/h) and felt surprised when Laura said i have been running for 10 minutes already... at that time my feet asked for more speed...

I finished the run feeling great and with still energy left !

At the end of the program, Laura suggested to introduce the program to others and I am proud to say that I have already done and will still do it as it is such a rewarding program !


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I've been telling everyone who will listen about this fantastic programme. I am just bowled over by how much my fitness has improved since I started it!


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