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Didn’t even peek to see what I was letting myself in for today. Not my usual time but should’ve run yesterday and couldn’t. Imagine my face when Jo said 28 minutes! My runs always have a hill (or 2) and I seriously thought I was in trouble after 5 minutes but I just kept listening to my tunes - thankfully they were quite upbeat or something I hadn’t heard for years. Clenched my teeth and just kept at it. I was waiting for her usual 60 second countdown but was soooo thankful that she didn’t give me one 😂. I’m going to go back to my usual morning time - hopefully it’ll be a little easier or should I say bearable?

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Good stuff - just 5 runs left until graduation 😀😀 Keep going!

59erGraduate in reply to telford_mike

But does anyone else find it really hard? I was wondering if I’m getting a bit bored with the runs? I have been away and really enjoyed the runs I did even though I found them hard.

telford_mikeGraduate in reply to 59er

I found them all really hard, from W1R1 to the one before graduation. Graduation run was great, because by then I knew I could do it. Once you graduate you can start mixing things up a bit and it’s much more interesting.


Great job all things considered... you know what to expect next time 😂

59erGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore



Well done - you've done 25 minutes four times and 28 minutes once - you're very close to being ready for the target of 30 minutes.

59erGraduate in reply to ArthurJG

Thanks ArthurJG - when you put it like that it sounds a whole lot more achievable 👍

ArthurJGGraduate in reply to 59er

Someone said to me that the challenge in the last two weeks is the cumulative effect of the runs, especially if you do them every second day. Three runs a week of course gives you a two day break once a week which is probably a big help at this stage, but don't be scared to sneak in an extra rest day if you think it would make a difference.


I'm one run behind you - you're my inspiration!

59erGraduate in reply to Ibex

Who? Me? 😳


I just did this run too and found it much harder than I expected. Suffered cramp and was soooo hot. Hopefully it will be better for both of us next time !!!

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