Was a little nervous as it's been 4 days and it was already very warm by the time I went out (I'd forgotten to drink at the right time so had to wait to make sure I was hydrated properly). Having done lots of reading about posture and foot strike I decided to try a mid foot landing and increase my cadence (ffs - listen to me....)(ps: that's not 'LISTEN TO ME!!!' but 'who'd've thought...') - it felt a bit strange and slow to start with but Laura's 5 minutes to go interrupt came further along the path than previously and I'd managed to get into a nice rhythm. On the basis that I decided to take everything the challenge threw at me I continued in the hot sun and shade mix and it was lovely (glad I waited to make sure I was hydrated) - which is good because one of my goals is to run in Corfu if I get to visit my mate again while she's still out there! I also smashed - although practically on my knees by the top - an incline I'd been eyeing up, on grass, which leaves one unconquered for post graduation. And I met Julie! Not quite sure why people have an issue with her... yep, the music's naff sometimes but it's reminiscent of a lot of 70's and 80's stuff and she made me think of Jonah Lewie. There's also something earlier with an intro that reminds me of 'There's Something Inside So Strong'. Happy running, peeps.


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  • well done pollyp1, i too have just done this run and like you had a 4 day gap, life just keeps getting in the way, but sounds like you did a great job. Well done :)

  • Thankyou! How did you go? I can't believe how I've taken to it (and neither can anyone else that knows me!).

  • Not too bad run started off in the wind and finished in basking sunshine lol the joys of living in Scotland, still the views make up for it :)

  • I bet they do - and running in the wind is a challenge I've not faced yet! See you at the finish line!

  • What a great post!! I think looking up running form was the best thing I did too - midfoot strike, foot falling beneath you, increasing cadence, made all the difference to how running felt for me!

    So glad you're enjoying it. A hill too! I also quite liked Julie! Truth be told, I didn't mind any of the music but apparently I am in the minority!

    I've heard that thinking about running on holiday makes you a real runner... There's no turning back now!! :)

  • ๐Ÿ˜

  • Thinking about running while on holiday, in the rain and on rest days... what does that make me? Insane? An addict?

  • All of the above?

  • ;)

  • I think you were some of the inspiration for reading up - I vaguely remember you writing something about it. Thanks!

  • Aww I'm really glad. I'm still reasonably new to running too in the grand scheme of things so I'm glad that I can be of help at times. I'm becoming very passionate about running! :)

  • I've noticed! You are getting as wacky as I am!

  • Thanks for that post. I am going to read up on posture and foot strike. Sounds good.

    I love the "On the basis that I decided to take everything the challenge threw at me I continued..." Well done! Just decide to push through!

  • Thankyou!

  • The foot strikes stuff is interesting. I started runningf lat footed (or with a mid strike if you want to be technical!) but thenw Laura said to run with a heel strike so I thought she must be right (as you do); a few days ago I started looking into cadence because I didn't have a cluew hat it was and a couple of people had mentioned it and I came back to strike again. Apparently a mid strike gives a softer landing and as I'm heavy with pre existing joint problems I thought I'd go back to it. Allegedly a shorter strided does the same thing.

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