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got my 5k race for life on sunday and I'm so nervous!

Been following this plan for the 9 weeks now. I actually graduated a couple of weeks ago while running the 30 minutes I felt fine so kept going and then my runkeeper chirped up to let me know I had done 5k in 34 minutes! I did a victory jump and a massive 'YES!' shout! Whoop!

However the day after I got a tummy bug and had to take a week off due to being ill and just too weak to go out.

Now I am really struggling to be able to run more than 10 minutes without stopping for a walk. I have got my race for life on Sunday and really wanted to run the whole thing...not too worried about the time. I'm running alongside my sons Grandmother who is almost 70 but runs all the time and did the London Marathon a few years ago and came out as one of the fastest in her age group.

So any advice on nerves? I get so nervous before events that I get diarrhoea which is obviously not good to run with! I know there will be toilets there at the start and also that there is no pressure to run the whole won't be the end of the world if I have to walk a little too. Wondering if I should take an immodium or some Kalms or something before hand.

Also I am confused about where to start - with the runners or the joggers as I'm not sure what the difference is between the two! Help!

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you will be fine, the crowd will support you, and from what i understand ( i am doing my first run for life on sunday too, watford) that often due to the crowds etc you may be forced to walk a little in narrow bits. just think back to 9 weeks ago. I also had a break just after i graduated as had to have surgery. no running for 3 weeks but was surprised that it only took about 10 days to get back up to how i was before, so you will be fine. i would start at the front of the joggers, friends tell me the runners normally complete in well under 25 minutes! If you want to try and jog the whole way then start near front of joggers. that is what i am going to do, aiming for 35minutes


mgnmum's advice is solid - and don't forget you will also tap into all that energy at the race which will help you. Enjoy your race and enjoy the great sense of accomplishment, you earned it.


You will really enjoy the Race for Life, just relax and enjoy it. It was just brilliant and you feel so good afterwards. Don't forget there is 3 groups, runners, joggers and walkers. Like Mgnmum says join the the beginning of the joggers (get yourself to the front), thats what I did and managed it in 35 mins. It may be that your son's godmother will need to run gently to stay with you rather than you worrying about keeping up with her.

Hope the weather holds.


Not much advice here I'm afraid, but good luck!!!


aww thank you all - great advice on where to start and such lovely postitive comments. The weather looks like it will be raining from tomorrow til sunday here so that takes some of the pressure off as I think the course goes through woodlands so it will be slow going if the ground is wet - I don't mind getting muddy though! Thanks again and I will let you know how I get on. Also good luck mgnmum on your race. :-)


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