so nervous

My first race in 2 hours!!!!!!!!! I'm doing race for life and I'm feeling very anxious. Its raining, this makes me slow. All my joints are pretending to be injured (psychological) and I am certain that no matter how many times I go, I will need to 'go' through nerves.I've been dressed in my kit for ages except for my race number (in case I crease it). Does everyone get this nervy?

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  • Yes! I'm in the same boat, and with the pounding rain outside I may need a boat to get back!

    I just need to get out there and get on with it bring it on! Good luck cupcakes. You can do it!!

  • Good luck to the both of you! I have my virtual pom poms at the ready to cheer you. Come back later and let us know how you get on

  • Good luck - you can do this :)

  • Good luck to you both! I get nervous every time but ul soon get into it! Let us know how you got on x

  • Good luck - I feel your nervousness! Deep breaths now ... :) Do report back later

  • How exciting. I can feel your buzz! Good will feel great afterwards surely. I am still in the WK2 Brigade so I think you are awesome! :)

  • Good luck! I'm nervous today for my w5r3. Had a full day out in London yesterday - I live in the NW - so my legs are aching but like you say, its psychological!

  • Good luck, you will be fine. Race for life is a great day and caters for both both runners and walkers, let us know how you get on, as mine is in a few weeks time and yes i will be nervous to

  • y'all will do brill, have fun

  • Hooray!!!!!!

    I did it. There was a really really bad hill, it tipped down with lovely rain, but I ran my best ever time, 26min 40 seconds. It was so exhilarating, fabulous,wonderful. But an hour later I was freezing and shivering-weird. However I feel just GREAT now (after hot bath). I would NEVER have believed this possible a year ago. I have to say this C25K is amazing.

  • That time is amazing! Congratulations.

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