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Nervous - first 5k tomorrow



I'm taking part in my first 5k run tomorrow morning as part of a local harvest festival.

I am pretty nervous as I'm only just starting week 5 of the programme so I am planning to run-walk the race but I've never covered 5k distance in any of the podcasts yet.

I plan to take it at my own speed and try to just enjoy it, but now the day before I've started worrying about ending up being the only one not running all of it or being the last one to cross the finish or whether people will see me and wonder why i'm bothering at all.

I know its a bit daft to be thinking like that but - Gremlins!! Any advice on keeping in a positive mindset as a slower run/walker in a run?


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Just allow yourself to walk the whole thing. Now if you run even a little bit, you're doing something extra. Any effort you make is then to achieve something instead of just survive something.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to gary_bart

Don't worry about anything! Just do it! You will have a great time. Run/walk it and you'll be fine. You'll surprise yourself I bet. Just don't set off too fast!!!

No-one will wonder why you're bothering!!! Folks will think "good for you" The folks watching would rather be in your shoes

Let us know how you get on


I really wouldn't worry, you will be great.there will be lots of people adopting a run walk method so you will far from alone. Actually, I recall in one race there was this lady and she stopped to walk, just as I caught up to her she started running and zoomed off. Then stopped and walked again and I managed to just catch up again and off she zoomed again this happened for the last 2km and shows how effective this method can be!!

Enjoy the event and be proud as great taking part.

I am absolutely sure you have nothing to worry about - the event is a fun one and there will be lots of people walking , pushing prams etc.. Just enjoy it and do a few light jogs with some walking it is supposed to be fun Im sure.


An event tied to a harvest festival is surely a fun run and I would doubt that anyone is going to be judging your efforts. If they do then that is their problem. Just enjoy it and as others say start off slowly.


You'll be fine Panda, you really will !

Enjoy it , I am sure you will have a blast ! :-) xxx


We have people walk our entire 5k events, and I've ran-walked on a few of mine. Try not to worry, but it's easier said then done I still get jittery and excited every time. The biggest tip is to run as slow as you can at the start because it's easy to get too excited. I consciously try to pass nobody until everyone settles down a few minutes in. And you're only racing yourself, so don't even worry about the others. It's emotional and fun - you'll have a great time.


I wouldn't, worry what others may or may not think , a lot of people use run/walks or even walk the 5k and as it is harvest festival would assume it is more about talking part and enjoying the event :D

Stick your pace and you will be just fine :D


You won't be the only one run/walking I'm certain. No-one will be judging, only admiring everyone who has the guts to have a go. And I can guarantee that even if you are last (which you won't be...) you'll get the biggest cheer of the day! ;-)

You never know though, you might get caught up in it and actually run the whole way but whatever you do, enjoy yourself!

Thanks all for your advice and positivity!

You were right!

I completed the run today by run-walk, run-walking in just under 37mins.

I had one of the podcasts on and just enjoyed it, very glad I took part and it's made me really keen to do another when I graduate. :-)

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