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WK2 Run 1 Nervous but did it!

I was going to repeat Wk1 for a third time but people kindly left comments on my 'Blog' to say trust the plan and try Wk2. This morning I did. I ran the whole thing, my breathing has got better but I can't do the 'in for 4 and out for 4' thing. My issues are aches and pains. I have posted a question on the questions board about aches and pains. I am not happy with my 'new' running shoes that I got from a 'running shop'. The right shoe is seriously uncomfortable and my foot, ankle and calf aches. Now I have a pain in my left shin. I ran the whole run on grass today to see if that helped, I think it did a little. I want to carry on with the plan but I am not one for hurting myself. I am 4.5 stone overweight and wonder if running is too much of a shock to my poor old bod! Happy I have motivated myself, made progress and completed the run though. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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I find running on grass easier on my creaky, niggling joints. Also, I sometimes pop an ibruprofen before a run helps.


I run on grass and find it definitely helps the shock absorption.

The fact that your new shoes are causing problems is something you need to sort out fairly quickly, I'd say. Perhaps you need to take them back to the shop and explain the problem because they should fit like a glove and give you no aches or pains whatsoever.

Regarding the c25k Week 2: I couldn't do the "in for 4, out for 4" breathing either! I find the first session of each week is the hardest to contemplate and arthritic hips and knees creak a bit but I'm just back from the final Week 3 session and feel really chuffed. I'm about 4.5 stone overweight and the wrong side of 60 but am feeling more energised with each passing week.

Stick with it! You'll be surprised at what you CAN manage :). I got to Week 8 18 months ago, was running for about 28 minutes non-stop so I know this gradual weekly increase really works.

Just think - in less than a couple of months you'll have finished Week 9!


I agree the shoes should not hurt your feet or cause blisters,but in some way I do understand the aches.

If you have overpronated on your ankles for a long while and your trainers correct this it alters the way you step therfore useing muscles that have been a bit lazy. Not explaining this very well but its like always wearing flat shoes and then wearing heels.


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