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Wk2 Run 1 A few gripes...need advice please

I use this forum a lot and take peoples advice. I went into my nearest city to a 'Running shop' and got new trainers £80+. I have been for 4 runs in them (I repeated wk1) they are seriously uncomfortable. Especially the right shoe. They are making my foot ache, I had a dead leg and pins and needles...I have loosened the lace right off...I have incorporated extra stretching exercises. I was worried about trying WK2 Run1 but did all of it today, but my poor old legs and feet feel like they are suffering. The bottom of my right foot is aching and my shin on my left leg is tender. Today I did the entire run on grass. Any advice would be appreciated...

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I should have added I am 4.5stone overweight and wonder if this is too much of a shock to my poor old bod! I am really happy I motivated myself to run and really happy with my progress so far. :)


Where did you get your running shoes from? Although they are a new sensation to run in compared to flats- they're not meant to feel uncomfortable (I'm now in my third run in mine- and the first was rather bizarre I have to say). What I'd maybe advise is going back to the store- checking there's nothing wrong with the actual shoes itself and seeing what they can do for you. If you bought them from Sweatshop, I know they do a 30 day no-quibble exchange system. Were they comfortable in the shop? I was asked to have a good jog around the shop in mine as they were my first pair.

Also, what socks are you wearing? Have you tried a thinner pair of socks in your shoes? I tried my trainers on barefoot in the shop (looking back at it- a bit of a rookie mistake), so whilst they're brill with thin jogging socks- I can't wear them with thick woolies.

Do you normally jog on grass? Although it does have a bit more give, it is more of an uneven surface than tarmac, so that might not have helped. Also, if you're worried, it certainly wouldn't hurt to go see a GP to discuss your jogging with to check there's no underlying problems.

I think we all find week one and two some of the hardest weeks, I certainly felt rather tender going from no running at all to 90 seconds by week two. I'm afraid I'm no expert, and the best advice I can tell you is to keep going! It'll get easier with time!


Thanks Pixel...the shoes were from 'Up and Running' in Birmingham. It does not help I came home a 'googled' the shoes and found them for half the price online. I am not sure if it is me or the shoes. The shoes felt comfortable, when I tried them on in the shop. They are ok to walk in... I have tried them with no was ok...but I run in running socks. I keep thinking of the old adage 'A bad workman blames his tools!' I am thinking about catching the train and returning them today...but they are filthy!


I'd be tempted to give them a ring, explain the situation and then see what the running shop say. It'll save you a trip on the train if they do say no. I did have a quick look on the website about refunds, but it wasn't very helpful.

Whilst I'd agree with you not to blame your tools normally, if you're not comfortable- you can't run properly. You're wearing running socks and if you had the full gait analysis then you've done the best you can to try and get the best shoes possible. Did you get them in a size above your normal shoe by the way?

If they won't take them back, then I'd possibly suggest going to sweatshop, having another gait analysis- and then possibly buying another pair of shoes from there. Then if you do get them home and find they're not comfortable again, you can go back and swap them no matter the state within 30 days. I know it's not an ideal solution, but it'll give you the peace of mind that you can return them, and they're not badly priced competitively (they had a HUGE pile of shoes on sale when I went).

I hope the shop can help you, I really do! :)


Thank you so much for your time in replying. You will be pleased to know I took the trip and they did exchange them. I am due to run on Monday...although they did say don't go until the pain in my right foot has has been aching today walking around the city. I am pleased they swapped the trainers and am hoping for the best. Me and my seven year old had a lovely visit to the Museum and Art Gallery in Birmingham and saw part of The Staffordshire Hoard. Totally amazing. Then we squeezed in an 'all you can eat Chinese Buffet' What a great day! :) x


Fantastic news! Even better news that you had a good day out of it!

I hope your ankle sorts itself out soon. Enjoy jogging in your new trainers come monday! :)


Go back to the shop. I assume they did proper gait analysis before selling them to you? Well done on getting the running socks, they are brilliant and make such a difference.


I think because of how new I am to running they did not offer a full gait time when I am officially a runner I shall insist! I have new shoes, they swapped them and said one other person had the same issues from the same shoes, so I am hoping to have an easier time of it now, I just have to see how they go or I go, when I run in a day or two. Thanks for your reply :)


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