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Wk2 run 1 fail

Hi I'm 20, female, 5ft4, 64 kg and I have flat feet :(

I managed week one and managed it so I took a days rest in between. Considering I've always been a terrible runner ever since i was a child I was quite pleased. However today I started week 2 run one..and there was a pain in my left calf which turned into searing pain at around 20 mins so I just stopped. It still feels quite sore now.

I'm convinced the pain might be because of my flat feet and lack of good trainers, but maybe this pain is normal and I need to push through? Any advice would be much appreciated :)


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it's most probably trainer related...pushing through the pain will only lead to long term problems. Rest up and treat yourself to some new deserve it!


Think I would go with new running shoes , maybe see a podiatrist to see if you inserts or anything ?

Well done on getting out there and starting :) hope you get it sorted, dontbtake any chances with your calfs

Better to wait and rest and try to get to the bottom of the cause


Totally agree with the others. Rest plenty and get some new trainers. I found such a difference when I ditched my old shoes.

Please be careful, you can do it!

Elsie xxx


Could be going too fast, try slowing down a tad..


Get yourself to the GP and ask for a referral to the podiatrist. I have flat feet and my insoles are wonderful and let me run. You will probably have to wait a while. In the meantime, decent trainers will probably help, as will slowing down.


Thanks for all your replies - I don't think I'm going too fast, but I probably need new trainers :/ I'd like to see a podiatrist but I'm living in France so I can't even imagine how that might work.. In any case I'll have to stop it for now but I 'm sure I can try other exercises to make up for it in the mean time :)


Haha - I also live in France, and its really easy. Much quicker than the UK too. Just go to your "médecin traitant" and ask for a prescription "un ordonnance pour voir un podologue".

The insoles themselves are not cheap, but my mutuelle covers a pair per year.

Of course, be prepared for the podologue/GP to prescribe something different - insoles are great for me, but YMMV.


Any pain described as "searing" is not to be ignored. You can run through niggles and aches, but the root cause of anything needs at least the respect of rest, but probably indicates some deeper lying problem that needs to be addressed. A consultation with a podiatrist would top my list. Good luck.

By the way, please don't use the F word in this polite company.


try some yoga and other strengthening/stretching exercises and get your feet looked at by a podiatrist (I have severely flat feet too!)

you probably need insoles with good support to force your arch up and therefore align your knees, hips etc into the correct position to avoid injury (my physio and podiatrist taught me that) an easy example is to check what direction you knee points when you do a lunge or soft hop onto one leg - if the knee doesn't point straight (aiming for the big toe) then you defo need insoles for the support as currently your leg is twisting to compensate for the flat feet

I am recovering from an ankle injury so cant run on the ground right now but my physio lets me run on a mini trampoline as the impact is reduced significantly - why not try that?


Pain should never be ignored. You can get some reasonably priced runners which will make a difference. Once I went out in my tennis shoes instead of my runners and I certainly felt the difference.

A degree of breathlessness and general aches after a run are par for the course, then you are suddenly aware that you are recovering more quickly between runs and your legs belong to you again and not some leaden statue!

Do take care of those bad pains, they are not normal


Go see either good running shop / and or podiatry . I spent over an hour sorting my issues with podiatry . I run with inserts as I have high arches. Don't push through. Maybe more stretches needed as well.

good luck, it is a great program


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