Week 7 run 1. Epic fail😢

So far I have been on the treadmill. My trainer said try taking it outside today. I have had a few days off due to niggling pain in my leg but thought I would be OK today. It was a disaster. I couldn't get my breathing right and was gasping after a few minutes then the pain in my leg started. I tried walking then jigging like earlier weeks and slowing right down but that didn't help. Think. I need to take a break then maybe go back a week or 2. Am gutted


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11 Replies

  • That's a shame. I've never run on a treadmill but I guess running outside is much more varied. It took me a long time to get my breathing right, particularly on the incline shortly after the start of my run. I can only suggest the mantra that worked for me - take it a little more slowly, particularly the first half kilometre or so. As for the pain in your leg, some pain is part of getting fitter, it's hard to judge whether to run though it or rest. I'd say if it doesn't get worse when you start your run then carry on but if it really starts to hurt then quit the run and rest until it clears up before trying another day.

  • Oh dear... :(

    Now.. firstly, we never use the 'f' word on here.. it is a setback.. a blip a whatever. You have not failed.. you have a problem with your leg :)

    So.. the leg needs to be really ready to run.. have you tried some of the strength and flex exercises.. and there are some useful links for exercises for pains in the leg too!


    So.. feel better first, try not to not get down.. the gremlins love it when we get de-motivated :)

    You are going to be fine :)

    Try again.. but not necessarily by going back...you are ready for this week, so when you do go out.. you know the form.. really, really slow and steady.. remember..

    " There is nothing to fear, except fear itself " . :)

  • Love your posts Oldfloss

    So much common sense and kindness.

  • Thank you. I will look at the exercises. Xxxx

  • Most of the time it's just our inner self saying we can't do it relax stay calm you can do it, you really can believe in yourself

  • No such thing as a 'fail' in my humble opinion - you're still lapping everyone on the couch.

    You're on week 7 - would you have believed that in week 1?

    Keep your chin up :)

    Just keep running , just keep running - la la la la

  • It was just a practice run. There is apparently a huge difference between running on the treadmill and running outside. Different techniques, different distractions, you constantly have to adjust your speed outside etc. etc.! But if you've got so far on the treadmill you are still a runner and just have to adjust to different circumstances. Next time you go out start off slowly and take everything slow and steady. Look around you (but don't trip!), enjoy and don't compare with the treadmill. And then tell us about it!

  • You know, I wish I knew what I know and understand now when I started C25K.......but I didn't, and now nearly four years on (after graduation) I now understand......your body takes a long time to understand what you want it to do, far longer than you think.....we are impatient, the programme says nine weeks, so I should be able to do it, right?, well, no......we are all different.

    Slowly, slowly is definitely the way to go, if three runs a week seem too much, do two, nothing wrong with that.

    There was a programme on the tv the other week where a coach/running expert said, you only get injuries from running when you do too much - and I believe him - well that has been my experience anyway.

    So, that was a hiccup, your body telling you it's not quite ready , give your body what it needs and you'll be back, oh yes you will, stronger and better than before.

    Look after yourself and take it steady, you will get there

    Mx 🤗

  • Not a Fail - a practice for success :)

  • Thank you for all your lovely words and encouragement. I am going to rest my LEG, let it heal then try again. I think maybe I have pushed too far as I have been running mostly every other day. X

  • Not a fail at all. It's all a learning process, and switching from outside to treadmill or treadmill to outside will require a little practice. No big deal. You'll be well rounded and have the ability to run anywhere if you practice both.

    Take a few extra rest days for your leg and then back up on the horse. You're doing just fine. And if you want to jump back a few weeks for the outside runs, go ahead. It's your program. You decide how to play it.

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