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Achy Achilles, any advice please?

Last couple of runs I've had a stiffness and dull ache in the back of one lower leg, half way between the ankle and the calf, I'm guessing this is my Achilles but not sure.

It has coincided with new running shoes, following gait analysis I got a 'guidance' shoe (Brooks Ravenna) as I mildly over-pronate. Previous to this I had been running in neutral shoes which were not supporting my foot enough (I ended up with tendonitis in my foot which has gone since switching shoes).

Any thoughts or advice would be welcome, I have a 10k next month so could probably afford to rest a little now if necessary.

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Could you go back to the shop you got your new shoes from and explain your problem to them? Maybe they will be able to help.

I suppose RICE will help get rid of the problem, but if it's caused by your new shoes then presumably it'll come back once you start running again. I think the stretch you can do when standing on a step and lifting your heel up then dropping it below the level of the step will help.


Thanks rnb, it was 'Sweatshop' so the shoes are still covered by the 30 day guarantee, if all else fails I'll go back - my gait does feel different as these shoes are more bulky than the Frees I ran in before, I'm hoping I'll adjust because otherwise I like them.

Heel drops are a good suggestion, I'll give them a go. Fortunately the problem only happens an hour or so post run so RICE isn't really necessary, but as you say as soon as I run off it goes again. :-(


Have you stepped up your running? I got probs when I started running more and for longer. I think you might have to rest up for a bit - it might only be a day or two - take some ibufren and try and keep your foot up for a bit each evening if possible. I did some exercises and rolled the dog's kong toy under my foot. I had to use that as he'd eaten my tennis ball! Tut

I have had my gait done today, and although my feet were rolling inwards a bit, she felt it was not sufficient to warrant a control shoe. I thought my non cushioned shoes might have been causing my ankle problems so it will be interesting to see if it gets better now I have the right shoes

Let me know how you get on


Lol about the dog's kong toy, misswobble - serves him right for eating your tennis ball! I do have a baseball so will have a go post next run, I also have a spiky foam roller but not sure I'm brave enough. :-O

It's interesting to read about your gait analysis, you sound similar to me with slight over pronation, that's why I got recommended a guidance shoe. Hope your ankles feel better in the new shoes, certainly if you're doing a lot more miles it should help. I haven't really upped my runs, I have done 10k as a weekly long run for a few months but my overall weekly mileage has actually decreased, quite perplexing but there you go.

I'll keep you posted via the Quest post, you let us know how the new shoes go too - a lot of crocked Questers about unfortunately.


Yes there are and it seems the same old thing, ankles or knees!

I tried my shoes out last night! I ran 6 k or so in them. Did a few gentle hills and they seemed fine. They are very light! They were dead comfy and plenty of room in the toe box. All the others I tried on, except the New Balance were really tight round the toes. I wanted Asics Nimbus or Cumulus but the regular width were too tight. They had no wider ones. No Saucony in my size either to try, so I was a bit restricted in the end.

I thought they might have recommended a control shoe. If I continue to get ankle problems I can take the shoes back. Not that it's bound to be the shoes though. They had Brooks Ghost but they were too narrow for me as well. I like Brooks and have a pair of Cascadia trail shoes and they fit lovely

I hope your ankle gets better so you can stop thinking about it and just get on and run. Happy days


Heel drops definitely help and a gentle 30 second stretch before you run can help. My right achilles is tight every morning when I get out of bed, but after a stretch, rarely bothers me again and certainly not while running. I always overlap my shoes, alternating the new ones with the old ones, which, I feel, introduces any changes to stride and strike, a bit more gradually and gives your muscles a chance to get broken in along with the shoes. I have never had gait analysis done, as I mainly run off road, but would get the shop to check you out again, maybe try to see another assistant.

Good luck.


Thanks IT, yes very sensible to phase in shoes, perhaps that's been my problem, I was keen to stop running in the old ones immediately as I'd been told they were causing the foot problem. I had an easy run yesterday and not good today, spread into my calf now, so will rest up a while longer and get my shoes rechecked.


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