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W5R3 aborted run need some advice please!

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Today was the day I did the first big run. I was actually going well, but at the 16 minute point I got a call from my son's school. Not something I could ignore, I had to stop and answer it which ended my run there. My need for advice is this, should I do that run again Monday or do I push into week 6? I walked briskly the entire time I was on the phone (2 mins) and I ran for an additional 5 after the call. I am in two minds as to whether I should do it again so could do with some help!

Thanks Ruth

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I'd push on to week six, you converted more distance and ran for 21 minutes so no doubt you would've managed the 20 continuous. Good luck! My next run is the one you've just done, eeek!

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i would move on it that was me , you did the time and more i reckon xx you will be great x ive just done w6r2 :D

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I would take a rest day and go out again. You will smash it and you will feel great. W6 is a different beast from previous weeks and the elation of completing the W5R3 run will add strength to your elbow when you head into the challenges of another week.

It is of course, up-to-you; but if you don't feel you have completed it, then call it a practice and re-run - it is only a few extra days delay to your programme, after all.

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This is weird, normally I would say push on to the next week, and you seem to want to. But that 20 minute continuous run is an important milestone, and I think Whatsapp nailed it - what's a couple of extra days? :)

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I would have a rest day and then do it again. For me, week 6 was a killer and if I didn't have that 20 minutes under my belt, and the feeling of accomplishment, I might not have got through it.

But then you need to go with your gut and if you're confident to move on then go for it!

I would take a day and go for it again, personally speaking it's a discipline thing.

Thanks everyone for your advice, I've juggled my schedule around so I can redo the run on Friday morning. I think if I push on, not completing that run will niggle at me and fuel my ever so eager gremlin! I now know that I can do that run no problem and so have nothing to fear.

Will let you all know on Friday when I finish that run!


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Do it again, maybe turn phone off or on silent while doing the run!😊

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I'm glad you're going to re-do the run and not give any hostages to gremlins.

That was really rough luck though, especially getting so far though it! I must confess I have taken a good few calls from school about my son whilst running (and not let on)

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Ruthf72 in reply to GoogleMe

I did contemplate that but didn't in case they thought me some heavy breathing weirdo 😂😂😂

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Ruthf72

The worst thing is when Runkeeper woman pipes up in the background.

I'm glad you want to do the run again. It is a big mental challenge and it's one that is good to have under your belt. This run is all about the conditioning of mentally running as your muscles and joints get there before your brain does.

Of all the runs, W5R3 really is the best. Go back and do it again otherwise you miss out on grinning like a loon for three days.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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