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Dismal Vacation Failure + W3 Rs 1&2

So, some of you may recall me posting about a month ago, about to go off on an epic holiday for three weeks and worried about my ability to run during that time. You all were very encouraging, and I packed my gear and set out with very good intentions.

Sadly, my fears were justified. I just couldn't do it, folks. We did 9 days in Florida where we did every theme park there was and I was on my feet in the blistering heat for 8-9 hours a day. At the end of each day, all I could handle was sitting in the hot tub and soaking my aching feet!!!

Then we did a six day road trip, during which we did hiking and caving and all sorts, plus between 4 and 9 hours of driving a day (all me). At the end of those days, all I wanted to do was sleep!!!

Then we reached my mother's house. I started out very well there, completed W3 R1 on her treadmill and was all set to at least do one week while on holiday...

Then disaster struck. I managed to trip over a fence my mother keeps in the living room (!!!) to keep the dog off the couch trying to climb over it. I went down hard, face first, with my legs, knees, and ankles taking the brunt of it. I was a tender mess of bruises for the rest of the time there, and I couldn't face the idea of running on it. So, the best laid plans fell apart completely.

I'm now home and my bruises have faded enough that they don't hurt all the time, and I was back on the trail today and W3 R2 is now under my belt.

I got a heck of a calf cramp during it and had to stop to do a brief bit of stretching during one of the walking bits, but other than that it went fine. Running for three minutes is apparently within my capabilities, much to my surprise.

In other news, running for the bus last night, I kept up with my husband for the first time in our lives. Normally he sprints ahead and gets there so it doesn't leave, then I toddle in after him. Last night, I was actually sprinting and was right on his heels! Go me!

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Wow - you are SUPERWOMAN!! The rest of the programme wont be anywhere near as tiring as the last 3 weeks :) With your determination you are going to be a success! Keep on running! :)


Ha ha... I do not know the meaning of the word "relax". It drives my husband mental!!!


Sprinting for the bus as speed work...I LIKE it! A win/win for Sounds like you are right back up to snuff on your running, too, Blooooooood (lol).

Keep up the good'll be beating hubby to the bus in a couple more weeks!



Ha ha... I actually really enjoyed that little sprint! I'm soooo paced when I do my C25K runs that it's nice to just go for it once in a while. :)

I don't know if I'll EVER beat him!


Useful skill being able to leg it faster! Do you need a holiday after your holiday - sounds busy, busy bee? Well done on the run.


Ha ha... It's a gene in my family. I joke with my friends that if they let me plan their holidays, they will have the best and most exhausting trip of their lives!


Wow, what an awesome holiday, apart from the fence incident!

Well done for getting straight back to the running, sometimes it can be really hard to carry on after a break, you must be very self motivated!

Keep it up (and you'll never miss a bus again!)


We had a fabulous time! ... minus the fence incident. :-p

I was worried I'd lapse after such a long break (which is one of the reasons I was trying to avoid it, but I seem to have got back into the swing of things. :)


I think you are still in the game as long as you are off the couch. I am sure going on a holiday and doing loads of sightseeing/walking and driving count as substitutes for exercise - Laura wouldnt be cross with you for missing 3 weeks :)


Ha ha... I hope you're right!

I did do lots of exercise while away, just not my beloved jogs. :)


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