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Running Week 2 Day 1 At Altitude!

Hi - first time posting with some experience behind me now! In my enthusiasm to take up running I decided to take my running stuff on holiday with me (Utah). As if skiing wasn't enough I surprised myself that I actually wanted to go out for a run. OMG I thought I was going to expire there and then - running at an altitude of 7000 feet - I was wearing a burgundy top and by the end of it my face was the same colour - BUT I did it - my family and friends were gob-smacked BUT I was so pleased with myself.

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Yay. Well done for getting started, and to keep going. It's very addictive this running malarkey :-)

Reply about way to go!!! It sounds like a very exotic location. The closest I get to exotic is the local canal! Can guarantee that you won't look back're hooked! Keep posting an deleting us know how you're doing...


Well done you! I'm fast learning that its not all about being an Olympian, but just running for yourself. Find your own level keep at it and you will improve over time.


Oh gosh, i was in california last month, at altitude not quite THAT high! Walking was hard enough, so well done you!


Well done on getting started on the programme and sticking with it. You will certainly notice the benefits in a few weeks. You deserve to be pleased so carry on enjoying it. Good luck and best wishes.


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