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Nearly There!

Hello all

Writing in forums and the like isn't really my bag, but thought that I would contribute to document my little journey and hopefully show others like me that there is hope!

I started this year manifestly unfit, very overweight (112 kg) and decided that enough was enough, it was time to take control. My wife came to the same conclusion so we have been on this journey together.

We both started Slimming World (or rather my wife has, I just eat the same stuff and do my own weigh in). Once I got down to 90kg in May this year I thought that it was time to start capitalising on this lower weight and take steps to increase my fitness with an eye on participating in a parkrun.

I started C25K towards the end of May, first thing was to buy a pair of trainers, not something I have owned for more than 25 years. I got them home, tried them on and promptly fell asleep on the sofa, thus literally beginning the journey from couch to 5K.

I have really enjoyed the programme, I thought that it would be a chore, but it has quickly become an established routine and each run is something I really look forward to. I have enjoyed running early in the morning and late in the evening, in rain and shine.

I have been lucky to run in a whole variety of places too, seeing more than I would have done otherwise - as well as at home (Inverkip) I have run in South Uist in the Outer Hebrides, Bergen in Norway, Burton Bradstock (Broadchurch to those who watch it, this was for the miserable W6R2)!and Falmouth in Cornwall, as well as a couple of goes on a treadmill.

I have been shouted at by an angry dog owner (I 'frightened' her dog), been accosted by a drunken teenager and was told by a passing woman in S.Uist that I 'sounded like a herd of coos coming up the road', but mostly I have seen happy, friendly people who provided encouragement with a friendly nod and a smile.

Today I completed my first parkrun for W9R2 and managed an astonishing 27.10 for the 5K, didn't see that coming, certainly not in January when I could have run for a bus if my life depended on it.

I am now looking forward to graduating on Monday and further embracing my new found fitness and my new passion for running. So, if you were like me, overweight, unfit and stuck thinking that it's too difficult to change, it isn't - go on, do it. I have gone from sleeping on the couch to a happy and passionate runner, if I can, so can anyone!

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This is one of those lovely, lovely posts that makes me smile. Fabulous, well done. Look forwards and enjoy the runs as they come. Great journey (and cool locations!)

Keep on and let us know how you get on 🏃👍😎


Wow. Many congratulations, that is an absolutely amazing time. I am still trying to break that 30 min barrier for 5k. You did it at your first Parkrun. Very well done indeed.

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Well done indeed.


What a great post, I'm on week three, this gives me so much confidence to keep going, well done and thank you for the encouragement. Happy graduation. 😁


Great post....


Brilliant story of perspiration and inspiration.


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