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First post-graduation run - another good one!

I'd planned to do my first post-graduation run yesterday, but abandoned that idea when the tractors started racing up and down the lanes around our house, in a desperate attempt by all the local farmers to get the silage in before the weather broke and the rain started. Didn't really fancy headlong dives into the nettles along the roadside every five minutes, so went shopping instead, as you do.

Having completed the C25K programme in suitably convincing style, I decided to make the first podcast in the Running Mate 10k 101 series my first post-grad run (any news on Laura's version yet?). I'm happy with what I achieved - around 7k in total - but running just after a visit to the dentist does have its disadvantages: a) if you're properly numbed up, you don't notice if the ear bud falls out of your ear, and b) when the anaesthetic wears off, your jaw thumbs with every heartbeat. Still, I hate visits to the dentist and the run helped me relax me after the ordeal. Never thought I'd feel this way about running, or willingly go out for a run in pouring down rain! Just need to see if I can wear contact lenses now - it's either that or spectacle windscreen wipers!

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Lol Stealthrunner,

I know what you mean about running in the rain - when I went out for my hill workout last night it was persisting down with no sign of a let up! OH thinks I have lost the plot; I tell him I would lose it if I couldn't get out and run!

Try a hat with a large peak, that should keep the rain off!



Tried the headwear approach on another rainy run, and simply didn't get on with it at all. My head got so hot I had to take it off and carry it - and that was just a very lightweight, foldaway backpacking baseball cap! Need to dig out the bottle of Rainex, I think, and really put it to the test.


Oh, and I should add that one of my canine running mates thought I'd lost the plot, too, when the longer-than-normal run meant I got home too soon and had to continue past the house. His face as I kept going in the downpour was a study - he'd already run ahead and was sheltering on the porch, waiting for me and No. 2 dog to catch up.


Brilliant progress stealthrunner, go you !

Lol tractors,nettles,dentist,earbuds...... :)


Great blog. I must try running with contact lenses too. I usually just can't see much because i'm running with glasses off, but it does mean I can't read the garmin :(


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