W5R3 - I did it!!!! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

i wasn't looking forward to W5R3 but i thought 'Ah well, just give it your best shot' and guess what? I completed it all without stopping! I can't believe it lol!

Admittedly it was hard but after reading some of the posts on here i was determined to do it. So thank you!

i'm tired, hungry and sat in my sweaty running gear but beaming!!!

Just running a bath and going to have a soak with a glass of wine as a reward!!


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26 Replies

  • congratulations!!!

    it was at this point I knew I'd hopefully be able to see get to week nine!

    feels good doesn't it!! enjoy your soak!

  • Thank you! You are right i can see that i'll be able finish and it feels AMAZING!!!!

  • Brilliant, well done! I'm one run behind you and even 8 minutes today felt incredible. I'm going to put a bottle on ice for 20 minutes. Enjoy your next run!

  • Thank you, after i completed the 8 mins i was ecstatic! but then my mind wandered to the 20 mins i'd have to do next! I did slow down slightly for the middle 5 mins but that coincided with the uphill section of my route (thats my excuse)! The last 2 mins felt like 4 but the feeling you get when Laura says 'Well done, time to slow down' is amazing. I even punched the air!! Ha ha ha. Good luck and post a blog so we all know how you get on.

  • It's such a great feeling isn't it shellieboots! I did it last night and I still can't believe it...! Well done you, now give those legs a deserved rest! 8-)

  • Congratulations to you too fastdixie. Its an amazing feeling i can't believe i've done it!! i think i'll be smiling for days! x

  • Fantastic, well done! I'm planning on doing mine on Friday

  • Thank you and good luck! Its quite hard but not impossible, just try to pace yourself. Now i've done it i feel like i've got halfway through a tunnel.... i can now see light at the end! Give yourslf a little reward when you've done it, you deserve it! Let us all konw how you get on.

    p.s you will be beaming and so proud of yourself of days and so you should!

  • Brilliant. and the wine is definitely a must when you achieve such a great success. Well done.

  • I can't believe i'm the same person as i was just over 5 weeks ago. Sounds corny i know but this programme has given me so much confidence and a belief that 'Yes i can do this!'

    Thank you and good luck with your runs x

  • Well done!!! I did this too today and I feel amazing :D

    Keep it up girl, you're awesome! Enjoy that wine ;)

  • Its a great feeling isn't it? I'm still smiling when i think about it! Thank you so much and well done to you!! Keep going and we'll soon be athletes!! lol

  • well done i did this today . and didnt stop such a high after completing it. wonder if i will be able to walk in the morning !! 5 wks ago i cud just do the 90 second run.;-)

  • Well done! How were your legs? mine weren't too bad and that surprised me but the slight ache made me remember what i had achieved and still made me smile!

  • not to bad i could feel i had worked them . start wk 6 tomorrow , time is going so quickly wk 6 already .will try and keep up with your blog see how your doing ;-)

  • Well done shellieboots (and zee11 and Rosey21), what an achievement!

    I totally understand the whole feeling of being a completely different person, I too am feeling so much more confident and have a "I can do anything" attitude whereas before I was a bit negative about things!

    You all smile away, you deserve it after all the hard work up til now! I am off for R2 of W5 this week later today (plan on R3 at the weekend!!) and reading your comments the last few weeks has kept me going and given me the faith to believe in Laura!

    Good luck with the rest of the runs!

  • Good luck tcaldwell75 for saturday! Let us know how you get on. It's amazing when you think what we have all achieved.... WE ARE FABULOUS!!!!

  • Well done! My turn on Saturday. You are inspiring me to do it and not give in. Thank you

  • I found the last 2 mins the hardest but not impossible, i just thought about what i had achieved in the last 5 weeks and that gave me the oomph to keep going! Good luck for saturday you will be awsome! Go for it! And have a treat after, you WILL deserve it.

  • Brill brill brill!! I did mine yesterday and I am still buzzing! Going to start week 6 tomorrow and I almost beleive I can finish this...! Good luck for next week! x

  • Its almost indescribable the feeling you get afterwards isnt it? So hard to put into words. My legs were slightly aching earlier but are fine now. Strangely that slight achy feeling made me feel so proud! I'm doing week 6 tomorrow too! Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • I just completed W5 R1 and an creeping towards the dreaded R3. I know that the whole forum cannot be wrong when they say it is achievable but I still have my doubts! I will be so happy if I can do it, I have never been able to run for 20 mins even when I was younger. I am planning to do it on Monday , fingers crossed!

  • Hi Emma40 you will be able to do it! I think all of us have been apprehensive to say the least before this run as it is a little hard but NOT impossible lol! I found that pacing myself was the key, i slowed down slightly for the 10 - 15 mins as i was going up a slightly steeper hill (not much steeper but enough to make a difference!) then went back to my normal pace for the last 5. It's hard to put into words how you will feel but you will be more than happy WHEN not IF you do it.

    Good luck and belive in yourself...YOU WILL DO IT! x

  • You are amazing, well done! This is a real turning point in the programme and you have proved to yourself that you have what it takes to graduate. Congratulations, I hope you are celebrating in style x

  • Beating that 20 minutes is a fantastic feeling isn't it? and remind yourself of it often over the coming runs! You can do this X

  • Well done, it's a FAB feeling isn't it? It's at that point I really believed about it being in your mind that you can't run and we've proved it! I've just completed 1W9R3 this morning and I think it will take me all day to come down from the high!! Keep going you are doing great. :-)

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