Couch to 5K

Gona have to dig deep for the final two minutes

Ooh just come back from my final week 8 run. It was not horrible but I just wanted to finish, it seemed like a long way. Each time I have run these runs at the end I asked myself if I thought I could do another two minutes and you know not at any point have I thought I could. It usually gets easier and I have improved by the end of the third run. Also all the other runners I see are going fast and are not shuffling like me.

So what's the strategy for the final week? I am sure I will do it cos I couldn't live with myself if I didn't graduate now, so excited about this.

Also a little worried I will hang up my trainers once I achieve my goal, cos I have to make myself go even if I do feel better afterwards. I am scared I might hit the sofa and tuck into the munches. Maybe I'm just tired!

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I had a bit of a slump in wk 8 too. I found it really tough going for the last 5 mins of the run that having to do an extra two mins in wk 9 filled me with dread. But I think the sense of achievement you get for actually reaching week 9 really helps.

You have done so well and followed the program and you will be able to do the 30 mins. I would recommend 2 rest days between finishing week 8 and starting week 9 then you will be well rested and raring to go!

You can do it!


Thanks, the graduate carrot is really dangled, I will do it cos I don't think I will be prepared not to. I have started having 2 rest days to try and give me a bit more energy. I suppose we are quite lucky that the weather has been better lately, we have been through boilers and floods. It will be good to graduate before the boilers are back. That's assuming they come at all!


I struggled on W8 too. Iam very slow so I knew early on that I wouldn't reach 5k in 30 mins. I was very anxious too with exactly the same worries as you, concerning after C25K. I only graduated yesterday so Iam still working on strategies! The advantage of being slower is that we can concentrate on building up our distance. Do you have a goal, like a 5k or Race for Life? That is what is helping me! I know of one or two people who didn't think I could do this, so that is keeping me going! Write here again before you finish, if it helps, then we can all cheer you on! Best of luck! :)


Well done on your graduation. What a high you must be on. I still have no real idea how far I am running but no where near 5k I would hazard a guess at about 3k does that sound reasonable for us shufflers to you? I haven't booked a 5k I'm not that keen it seems a lot further, though my daughter is very keen for me to do one. I think I will need to have done the distance before I try and do it in public. I'm not someone who really wants to be watched.

I guess you are going to increase your distance by 2 or 3 minutes a week til you are running 5 k. This seems a good idea but challenging from my perspective at the mo.

Good luck with your 5 k, I will look out for your blog when you are doing it.


Hi HollyO, you gave me great encouragement when I had a blimp in W7 - Jubilee Sunday! Thank you so much for that.

You said that we should be graduating at the same time, Well done you, you've got there first!! I do my W9R3 tomorrow and feel pretty good about the whole thing now - ha, ha! I'm a bit worried about keeping the motivation going without being instructed and guided by Laura so am looking forward to the new podcasts.

Again, many congratulations and look forward to hearing of your progress too - Thanks so much :)


When doubts are assaulting you from every side, just remember....we are all right here, cheering for you, and wishing you EVERY success. We're in this together....we are all sharing the same doubts, pains, and yes, joy, with you every step of the way! You've worked soooo hard to get to this point...don't fall back....just do it!


The comment below was for you Grammmadog, I just filled in the wrong box:)


Ahh thanks, I will, I'm so glad I blogged as I haven't for ages, I guess I haven't struggled for a while. But I haven't forgotten the amazing support you all give. So i have commented on others blogs on their way through the programme as I know how I really gained enormous strength from the support.

You don't forget your journey when you see others experiencing the same things you have at that stage, you just realise how far you have come. I won't give up, too many good things have come from this.


Hi Mrslazy (you will have to rename yourself MrsNOTlazy when you graduate!)

I am just one run behind you and also a bit worried about what happens after the magic W9R3. Like you I am nowhere near 5k so I think that will have to be the next goal. I have just found a parkrun near me and might give that a go once I get to 5k. I looked up the website and they said to let them know if you expected to take more than 50 minutes so someone would wait. That implies others in the 40 - 45 minute category which is encouraging.

I will be watching for your blogs when you graduate and after so you have to keep it up now (both the running and the blogging)! :-)


Yup, it does seem that I will become Mrs not so lazy soon. Did you see that the follow on from C25K is coming early July? This will be great timing for us to continue the progression to 5k.


I am looking forward to that coming out too as you say well timed.

Mrs Lazy you are not.


i ran week 9 run 1 yesterday and managed the extra two minutes, but found it hard. Hopefully after graduation i will continue to add minutes until i get to 5K that should motivate me for a while. Looking forward to your graduation blog


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