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R2W8 Getting nervous about finishing!

So here I am in week 8 - to my own astonishment. Have to say W8 runs have not been good so far. Saturday was cold and rainy and I got bitten by a dog on my cool down walk. Nothing serious but I was very cross with the owner - don't get a big dog like a german shepard if you can't control it - what's wrong with a yorkie? Today my legs felt like lead and that was just climbing the stairs before I went out. But I did finish and at least I like the music better than W7. Making my own playlist is still in the too hard box tho I might be able to bribe my 12 year old to do it for me.

But the thing I am worrying about is what comes after W9? If all goes well that's only just over a week away. I am still very slow and nowhere near 5 k so I hope I can make that my next goal. I really don't want to lose the fitness I have gained on C25K but I am worried about keeping up the motivation. Any hints from the graduates on how to keep going?

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For me it worked like this: I saw C25K as a tool that got me running for a set period of time (i.e. 30 minutes by week 9). After C25K (after I got over feeling panicky that nobody was telling me what to do anymore), I switched it around to distance, I see how long it takes me to run some routes I mapped around my house. I vary the routes: some days I treat myself to a downhill start and other days I chose the uphill route on the dirt tracks and if I feel really prepped I do the uphill that keeps going up and up. I like the downhill start!!!


Thanks mietje. Mapping some routes and mixing it up sounds like a good idea. I might have to run up the big hill I have been avoiding up to now!


Pingle, I'm a great fan of cross-training...doing an alternate form of non-weight bearing exercise on days I don't run...or substituting a crosstraining day for a run occasionally. This can be anything you like... I lean to swimming and biking. The only caveat on biking is that it CAN be hard on your knees...spin, don't push high gears if you choose biking. And be aware that dogs REALLY don't like

Most importantly, do have FUN whatever you decide to do!


Thanks Grammadog. I've got a bike so maybe that is the way to go. Live out the country so it's hard to make the time to swim or gym. BTW I really love your blogs. They have made me laugh and encouraged me in equal measure!


Once I had completed C25K I just kept on adding extra distance to my routes, I had 3 or 4 that I used and extended them by adding in a loop here and there and before I knew it I was running for 35 minutes which was over 5Km. Now I mix up my running days and do a 5Km, then an interval training with steep ups & downs in it, I don;t worry about the time but if I manage to do 3 loops of the ups/downs then jog to that area and home again it works out at about 6.5Km. My last type of run is my favourite which I call my 'Mad Dash' its just about 3.5km and I go as fast as I can. I've now reduced the time to between 22.50-23.15. I'm hoping that by mixing up my jogging days I will build on stamina and also increase my speed, which although is not snail pace its certainly not fast.

Well done on getting through to week 8 and good luck for the last few runs. Quite concerned to hear you were bitten by any dog let alone a big GS, that could have been really nasty if you had a child with you, the owner should by rights be reported before the dog does some serious injury. There are very strict laws on dog control within the UK. Take care.


Thanks Oldgirl I am definitely going to get to 5k tho it might take a while to do it in 30 minutes! I've been so determined to finish the programme that I have tended to go quite slowly rather than fail to complete a run. Once the pressure of running for a set time is off I will try some faster runs. I remember just running for the sheer joy of it as a kid and will try to recapture that feeling with a mad dash of my own. The dog incident did throw me but unfortunately I don't know where it was from. Lots of dog walkers here as it is lovely countryside with lots of footpaths. The owner was very apologetic and was in no doubt that I was not happy.

I really enjoy your blogs and how encouraging you are to those of us yet to graduate. Keep up the good work.


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