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Feeling frustrated after finishing W6R3 :(

I've been so happy with C25K so far as I've hated running for such a long time. I always thought of myself as a sprinter and my experiences always showed me that I don't have any stamina whatsoever.

Week 1 was so hard, but afterwards it started getting better rapidly and I couldn't believe it when I was running 3min continuously and then 5min! After week 4 I even picked up my pace considerably (before you could have walked beside me) and I'm not doing aprox. 7,5 min per km consistently on the 25min run.

That's huge! I should be absolutely hyped, I know I was when I mastered the 20min, but for some reason I just feel very.... blah. I feel kinda angry at myself and I can't pinpoint why? I still have two weeks to get to 5k and with the improvements I made each week I should be really happy right now.

This is the first time in those six weeks that I'm not feeling accomplished :( Is there like an anti-runners-high?

After the first few weeks I realised that running for me is less about fighting my body, but fighting my mind. My body can do it, I'm quite confident about that. It's my mind that's the problem.

Anyone had a similar experience?

I'll keep going of course, but one thing I was most worried about was not enjoying it. Basically with every kind of sport I tried that I did not enjoy, but did because you're supposed to keep fit, the motivation left me after a few months and that was it. So far I enjoyed it and I'll definitely finish C25K, it's a thing of pride now, but if I can't find that enjoyment again I doubt I'll keep on running :(

Maybe it's just a bad day.

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In my experience, you won't enjoy every run. Some runs, in fact, will be horrible. You'll curse Laura, yourself, the running gods and everyone else in ear-shot for making you go through such atrocious and unnecessary pain and suffering. HOWEVER, some runs will be amazing. The sun will be shining, you'll be pacing along beautifully with the wind whispering around you feeling the strength in your limbs and marvelling at how far you've come in such a short time.

The important thing, I think, is not to let the bad runs beat the good ones. It's a mental thing- if you 'decide' you don't enjoy running anymore, well, you won't. You'll have already decided that it's going to be an awful run before you've even put on your trainers.

You're doing fantastically well. Maybe in those moments you feel like you won't continue running after you graduate, think about the reasons you wanted to start to begin with. Maybe recalling how you wanted to be fitter, more active, tone up, lose weight (or whatever) will keep you going.

Good luck with the rest of the programme- I hope today was just a bad run and that the next time you go out, you rediscover how much you enjoy a good run.



Thanks to your comment, Jany. I went out today and even though I felt terrible at the end of the run, at least it was from exhaustion. That's better than loosing your mojo :)


That's amazing! WELL DONE!

It's just about getting out there... I always feel terrible until I get my breath back and then I feel quite chuffed. Hope you do too :)


I *hated* week 6 run 2. I felt sick, and tired, and sore, and I did it but I wanted to quit the program. I didn't feel good about completing the run, I just felt gutted that it had been so unpleasant. I've just come home from week 6 run 3, and it was so much better- I feel like a new woman. You'll have a better run, and be back on the wagon again :)


Thanks! And I actually did. Took me two runs, but W7R2 was great again!


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