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Week 7 run 2, very heavy legs

Well another run completed I did 5k in 40 mins I actually ran for 30mins today witha 5 min brisk walk either side. Wow were my legs heavy I think the fact I was on nightshift last night didnt help but hey another run under my belt. With only 4 hours sleep I had better get the head down again, its hard to sleep when its a nice day. My final run for week 7 will be on my 50th birthday, I am so proud of myself for getting so far. I am running 5k on aug bank holiday weekend, and 10k (crazy I know, but a friend roped me in lol :) ) on sept 9th, so I have plenty of goals to achieve. and yes I am still of the fags 9 days smoke free Yah!!!

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Wow you are really doing a great speed and happy birthday for Tuesday. I am 60 mid August and hope to be running 30 minurtes 3 x a week as a graduate increasing my speed slowly.


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