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Week 7 Run 3 - Done but heavy going!

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Mixed feelings after today's run. It felt so difficult today compared with W7R2. I chose a different route and whether that was the problem or maybe lack of stretching on rest day - perhaps I took it a bit too easy - I don't know. Either way glad to have got through it - exhausted and ringing wet but not from rain I am pleased to say.

Despite having found it hard today I can say that I feel a real sense of achievement having pushed myself to keep going ... I could so easily have given up after 5-10 minutes but kept going because of the desire to achieve the goal.

Having got home and checked over my times I can see that my first 1k was about 45s faster than my last run (including 1st 5 min walk) so this could be a contributor but it did not seem fast at the time. Not sure that I like the route I took - it is a long filled in canal which just goes on and on and seems a tad boring - might switch back to other route which although having some mini climbs is at least more interesting - if I do I will need to extend it to meet the additional minutes of next week!

Thinking about what I have done this week and how this run has gone I am tempted to say I will have problems with week 8 but experience of the previous weeks is telling me not to worry and just get out there. Roll on Monday morning - running shoes at the ready.

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Each run is different, but as you say the real wins are when its is hard and you battle on regardless.

I often go off too fast too. It is something I am working on as looking through my stats I realised that a slower 1st mile gives me a better overall time as my legs are able to sustain a better pace over the following 2 miles if I just slow it down at first. Not only are my times better but I don't feel so exhausted at the end of the run.

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Richard7Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

Good advice. Will do some walks over the weekend and try for a slower start Monday.

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WhatsappGraduate in reply to Richard7

Its good to see you are thinking like a runner, cos that what you are now!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Richard7

Slow and steady.. always :)

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Well done on completing the run 😊 Sometimes the hardest runs are the runs that give us the most satisfaction and therefore are the best runs for us!! Good luck for WK8 👍🏼

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Can be a number of things making it feel harder, overthinking, worry, hydration, warmup, the odd run can feel really hard.. and don't keep looking at distance & pace that doesn't help, just keep it simple time..😊

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Richard7Graduate in reply to davelinks

Thanks .. I know what you mean re distance and pace but it does help to motivate too as I can see that I am improving naturally. I agree 100% not to go out trying to better my speed etc but rather at the moment at least to just run and keep it slow and steady and what feels comfortable. But it is also helpful to me that I can look back at my week 1 and see how far I have come. I will however make a conscious effort to pull back the reigns in the first 10 mins on next run :)

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Richard well done! And so happy I am not alone in feeling so tired today after the run !! Making me feeling quite anxious about starting week 8 if I don’t get my energy back !!! Guess it’s ok to feel tired after 3 x25 mind runs in one week !! Think I will rest up well tomorrow. I have to do Sunday this week as I will be travelling next week !! Keep smiling and positive I say !! We got this !

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Richard7Graduate in reply to Jan-52

4 in 8 days! Enjoy the rest day ... and stay positive

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Jan-52Graduate in reply to Richard7

Yes you are right 4 in 8 Days !!! Ok I give myself permission for a BIG rest tomorrow !!! I was fine during the runs and enjoyed them just afterwards !!

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Well done on your progress so far. All good advice above, take it steady, keep learning and enjoy the programme fellow runner! Good luck with week 8,that shiny badge is beckoning!

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Very well done you.. you are in the mind set. Despite silly posts about the milestone runs or scary runs...you are ready for each and every one.

Yes, some have different disciplines, yes some, may feel a tad more challenging..but if you follow the plan. do not push too hard and you really take it slow and steady you will do them :)

Do not neglect your rest day exercise and some walking over the weekend will be brilliant!

A brisk few miles works wonders for stamina and strength! I tend do do at least 10 miles on a Tuesday and Wednesday ( small granddaughter pushing in buggy).. my goodness I feel the benefit on my Friday runs :)

Go you!!!

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Well done: you've made it! I felt the same for my first run on week 7: no pain in the legs but had some difficulty to find right breathing unlike the other runs. And it was probably one of my slowest too: I focused on moving my arms in rhythm to keep me going lol Looked pretty ridiculous since I was very slow but helped me going to the end! Anyway, perhaps you need an extra rest day and the stretching (I'm going for run 2 tomorrow after 2 days off to see if I feel better.) ?

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