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Week 6 Run 2 - Heavy legs and gremlins!

Funny how your mind works. I did 2 W5 R3 runs last week, followed by W6 R1. No problem.

Started running W6 R2 yesterday and my brain immediately goes into overdrive "It'll be harder, you know." "This is the week loads of people have problems with." Etc, etc.

Well, I kicked those thoughts to the kerb and focused on how good it would feel to prove the gremlins in my head wrong, and despite my lead-like legs on the last 5 minutes of running, I got through it!!!

I feel like the summit is in sight, and I may jog slower than a snail in a headwind, but who cares!

Well done to everyone who has made it this far and beyond, and to all those who haven't got this far, keep going - you have already succeeded!

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Well done! W6 sure can be tricky!


Well done you! Those gremlins do my head in. I start week six tonight... I will tell the gremlins that it's week one, and I'll be fine.


Well done you, loving the determination! I think you're going about it right, slow and steady wins the race!! :)


Great job Ruthie, I think Laura should have an anti gremlin song for W6!


Well done, I did this run this morning .... And you've put into words exactly what it feels like, but you know it doesn't matter how slow we go still out there doing the jogging and getting healthier.

Good for you, look forward to reading your future posts, 👏


Great post Ruthie.


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