Couch to 5K

WK5 R1 done

started my wk5 r1 today went well didnt stop once on the treadmill waling at 3.1 then on to 4.1/ 4.2 on treadmill when im running . i could never imagine i could run for 5 mins at a time . i would not of been able to do it a year an half ago as its took me that time to loose 5stone and 8lb. so this is a challange for me got a couple of stone to go so hoping this will help. feel 100% better and having laura far sdo good and im keeping up. do you think i should up the anti on my treadmill

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O, good job Zee! You are doing really must be soooooo chuffed right now!

Keep up the good work!


You've come a long way - what a great journey. You should be vv proud. Good luck for Wk5 R2! I think you should run at the pace you feel happy at - the length of runs goes up a lot this week (i'm also on Wk5R2) and I'm just aiming to finish at the moment...


Wow zee11, you have accomplished a lot in the past couple of years. Your commitment to your health is very inspiring.

If you are not doing so already, you may want to incorporate strength training into your fitness program. This will help you burn more fat even when you are not exercising.

I think we run at about the same pace. When I do the program on the treadmill, I walk at 3.5/3.6 mph, and run at 4.1/4.2 mph.


whats is strength training? i should google shall i . ;)


It is old-fashioned calisthenics. You know, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-up, lunges, etc. Nowadays, many people call them bootcamp exercises. You are only working with your own weight, and not with dumbbells or kettleballs. This is the least expensive form of strength building, and is perfect for beginner like me. I usually do about 15 minutes most days of the week. I will increase the time as my endurance and strength build up.

I know this type of exercising helps with weight loss, because I wasn't able to do any this week or run as scheduled, because of a professional training course that I had to take, and I still lost a pound. That's because my resting metabolism has increased.

I can't do many of each type, and I have to do the "girlie" version push-up. However, I am slowly, but surely, I am able to do one more than I did a week or a few days ago.

If you like to use videos, there are some nice online ones available at


Thank you. I love the idea of girlie push ups - never been able to do them.


Well done, great to hear how well you are doing, keep going


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