You can't take the graduate badge away from me!

Monday, I was ready to retire from running and turn in my pretty graduate badge. Horrid run but I realize now what I did wrong. I had a bad work day, was angry and frustrated and didn't focus that anger on my run and technique. So I ended up giving up.

Fast forward to tonight...after running my second 5k, I feel so much better, great, confident, happy dance danced. I ran a sub 40 5K and I walked part of it. Yep, it may look or sound funny to those people who try to run a sub 20 5K, but I'm proud of my 39:52 time. After figuring out I've probably only run 35 times in total since March, I'm super happy with that time. Yep, I'm going to brag and brag and brag and I don't care if you don't want to hear it. I ran my heart out and loved every minute of it....well almost.

If you're still in the training stages, I just want to say, stick with it. I'm learning that we all have different capabilities, etc. but as long as you get out there and run, you're still going faster than that person on the couch. That was what I kept telling myself tonight. Well that and pretending there was a scary clown running behind me and if I stopped and walked for too long he would get me. :)


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  • Retire fom running!?!!! You can't ever do that now or the scary clown will definitely get you ;)

  • Scary clown? Excellent motivation trick. As for your times, I'm very happy to get sub-40 at the minute too. We've all come a long way. xxx

  • Well done , just gotta keep going :-)

  • That is fantastic. My aim is to actually do 5k (I'm up to 4k now in 32 minutes which I'm so proud of), so to me 5k in under 40 minutes is absolutely amazing. Well done you!

  • Nearly spit out my coffee when i got to the part about the clown. Haha, love your endurance and you are spot on about just getting out there. You brag all you want, girl!

  • Thank you HS for the encouragement. And especially thank you for the image of the almost coffee spitting. I was picturing this on my dreaded drive to work this morning and burst out laughing. It made my drive in that much better. :)

  • The clown will never catch you because he will trip on his ridiculously big shoes!

  • BRAG AWAY and enjoy that feeling. Scarey Clown would need to do C25k before it could catch you and by then it might be happier and less scary an just want to join in a braggy dance too!

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