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W6R3 I am an official runner :-)

I was so excited about my last run for the week 6 that I woke up before the alarm went off. Got up at 5:35, had my usual glass of water with lemon juice and a banana and at 10 to 6:00 I was out.

The morning was gorgeous with a lovely breeze coming from the desert.... and I did it !!!! As Laura said, I am an official runner. I even increased the running speed during the last 5 minutes !

Tomorrow I will have a day off before my long ( 10 Km) run/ walk on saturday.

I am so proud of today achivement , I would have never believed that running can make a person feeling so positive about everything !


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Hi Sonia,

So glad you had a good run; I cried a few tears as I walked home after Laura told me I was an official runner. Little dumpy me, who couldn't run, could, and so can you!

Good luck with your 10k on Saturday. We will wait to hear how you did.



Hi Carole

I will let you know for sure !


Well done fantastic I was emotional when I heard that yesterday too infact I rewound and listened to it twice to help it sink in.


Well done, week 6 run 3 is the biggest hurdle I think.

And when laura says "official runner".....took me 2 hours to stop grinning!

Lovely breeze coming off the desert?

Sounds sublime.....where are you?


I live in Dubai where, last saturday the temperature was 46 degree.

.. Believe me even a small breeze is a blessing ! lol


46 degrees! Lord, you must be superwoman! :)


Done my long walk ( 12 km) at 6:00 am this morning. It was nice and peaceful as most of the people were still asleep. Tomorrow it is my W7R1. Allarm at 5:30 am to beat the heat !


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