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I am officially a runner! W6R3 all done!


On or around 16th March ( M'lud) I set off on a 60 second run down my lane. I was very self-conscious, extremely doubtful that I could sustain any running for more than a few seconds, and worried about my dodgy knee.

Today, I ran, quite fast ( for me) for 60 seconds at the end of a 25 minute run.During the run, I ran past a group of teenagers, the local cricketers and their wives and spectators, two separate neighbours and people sitting outside the pub. My face was purple and sweaty and I was puffing like a grampus, but, I didn't care. I simply cannot believe that in 6 weeks this has become possible; I had been terrified of going out today as I was sure that I wouldn't be able to do it. All I can say to those starting out is the C25K mantra ' IICDIAC'.

( If I can do it anyone can). Those who have read my previous posts will know that I am fattish, in my fifties, with a dodgy knee. I loathed exercise but am just beginning to get how running can be enjoyable. I know for sure that I feel fitter than I have ever felt. A miracle.

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That's brilliant and gives me hope. Good luck with the rest of the program :-)


Indeed - IICDIAC - as just about every graduate ends up saying! This programme transforms our opinions of ourselves! Keep on running! :)


Many thanks to both of you - I'm a bit tired and stiff tonight, but it's nothing that a good night's sleep won't sort out. And full of pride and delight, too.

CaveBearGraduate in reply to mmphc

And I think it's discovering that "good night's sleep" mindset that makes all the difference!

Well done, Graham


Well done, I have this run to do tomorrow and dreading it a little. So far I've managed all the runs including the w5 r3, but the w6 r2 I found quite hard perhaps because it was warm or I was tired. I'll let you know how I get on.

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