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Feeling 40% silly, 10% guilty & 50% dead chuffed! W8r1

I don't know whether endomondo was just messing with me but apparently I ran my first mile today in 6:43min! I was running along thinking that perhaps today wasn't going to work as I was really finding it difficult to get my breathing into a good rhythm when the voice announced the mile mark which explained everything. I was going too fast. Obviously my first thought was 'S***! The next 22mins are going to be painful' (which towards the end they were) so I slowed down and ran a second mile in 11mins which is more like it but part of me is pretty proud of myself. Not bad for a fat chick! lol

So w8r1 done. I'm pretty sure I'll be unable to move tomorrow but hopefully will be ready to do the next run (at a more responsible pace) on Friday.

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Wow, what a really fast first mile. Well done you! I long for a time as fast as that. My fastest mile so far has been 8:58mins, but normally I'm about 9:30mins per mile.

If you carry on at this rate you'll be well past the 5k mark in 30mins. :)


Woopwoop! What an amazing time. Go you! Iam on a15 minute mile atm :o


Well done, I think you need to change your username, you look completely beautiful and I think you should big yourself up not call yourself names. My fastest mile is about 14 minutes so yours is amazing. Keep up the good work. :)


Well done, I also did week 8 run 1 tonight. I wasn't really feeling it at the start and was very uncomfortable for 5 minutes uncomfortable for the next 5 then fine, just got a bit slow at the end. Not sure of my speed as the Nike device I have I haven't calibrated yet and I don't think it is accurate at the moment. What is interesting each of my runs have been very similar in speed, I think I just plod. Lol. We are getting there though aren't we!


I think that is a good pace for people who have running for years brilliant. I usually run around 11 mins but managed 10 mins once - my shins have only just recovered!!


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