Should have been 9 miles, but just too warm!

Ran back from The Hoe in Plymouth to home again today. I put in an extra loop in the city to try to add the miles on as I'd clocked it at 10k last weekend (6.2miles) but it was so warm, and so humid I was really struggling. (ok, the red wine I had last night didn't help either!) but I was tipping as much water over my head as drinking it because I could feel myself really overheating and the pace certainly wasn't there.

There, proof positive that for the first time since I started running, I just couldn't get the whole distance I'd planned. I'd run out of water about a mile before I stopped and the gradual incline from St Budeaux to Saltash had pretty much finished me off. 8.35 miles...

I'll get the bugger next time, but maybe not plan a 9 mile run at 2.22pm in the afternoon on a warm (DRY!!!) sunny day! I have the ginger gene (not me, but three first cousins, and there's definitely more than a few strands of auburn on my noggin, lucky escape methinks!) and I do not do heat well.

Carry on running folks!


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13 Replies

  • Yep CaroleC - running on a humid, hot afternoon is a toughie - ginger gene or not! 650ft! In awe - mental grit superemo.

  • Supremely impressed with that run Carole, 8+ miles. That's an outing and a half and an immense climb too! How long have you been running? I can't wait to clock up distances like that.

    well done and keep it up!

  • Hi Mrqwest,

    Only been running since last September - never ran before that apart from one aborted attempt without a proper programme to follow quite a few years ago which ended in the dr's surgery.

    It takes time to build up the distances, and my left knee has been letting me know overnight that its not happy with me. Should be ok in a few days. I have gym tonight and will do my best to stay off the treadmill!


  • Great run... You have some stamina woman! Just out of interest... What was the approximate temperature when you were running?

  • Hi mair99,

    Technically it wasn't THAT hot. The beeb weather site said 19C, which is fine if you're sunbathing, but not if you're running hard and are of Scottish blood!! Hopefully the weather in Loch Lomond in August will be its usual miserable self and I will get around the 10k I am booked onto without too much trouble. It's just the midges to worry about and I'll try and outrun those!


  • Hmm 19 degrees feels like 29 when you're running. I like about 12 degrees, winter evenings are perfect for that here. I have to chuckle though... My first ever run in week 1 was at about 30... Before the heat of the day hit! No wonder I struggled!

    Remember to keep your mouth closed with the midges about... Or you'll be getting extra protein for your diet!

  • Lol mair, where are you based, 30C BEFORE the heat of the day??

    Being a veggie I have strong feelings about mouthfuls of midges but as I mouth breathe when running, things could get tricky!

    I started running last autumn, and really enjoyed the cool and cold days. Usually I do my runs early mornings or evenings and generally the weather in this so-called summer hasn't been to bad for running any time of day, I just got unlucky yesterday!


  • I'm from Sydney in sunny Oz. yep... Running in summer is a little trickier here lol. But you get by with early morning or late evening runs. Imthink ill have to carry water for longer runs this summer. I know what you mean by the difficulties mouth breathing. I ran around our local equestrian centre and the clouds of insects had to be seen (or tasted) to be believed! Happy running.

  • Good run, Carole....Loch Lomond will be a breeze after 19 degrees with humidity to boot!

    Keep up the good work....

  • Thank you Grammadog, let's hope so! Left knee is giving me gyp today - in a different place, inside below the kneecap area. Hmmmm...I swear it wasn't hurting at all during the run yesterday; but starting hurting shortly after my shower. It was difficult turning over in bed last night without guarding it carefully. Got gym tonight but promise to stay off the treadmill. I mustn't be injured for travelling north!!


  • wow! My hero! (heroine) That is very challenging. I have only run a few times in the warm and HATE IT, 3 miles did me in, and that was on the flat. No risk of warm weather here right now!

  • Oh my goodness CaroleC well done you, that a distance I can only dream about. You have my admiration without a doubt. Just as a point of interest are you training for 1/2M by any chance? Good luck to you I hope your knee settles down after a wee rest.

  • Hi Oldgirl,

    Yes, I am back in training for another half marathon; there is the Truro Half in September; I haven't technically entered it yet as registration wasn't open when I checked the other day but I will be sorting that out soon. First there is the matter of a 10K on the East bank of Loch Lomond in Scotland to do while we are up there doing the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Looking forward to running on home territory for the first time!

    I've done 45 mins in the gym this evening, rower, cycle, cross-trainer. Nothing to jolt the knee.


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