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5K on sunday...Nervous! Any last minute tips?

I've been running for a solid 26-33 minutes a run over the past 5 runs... Yesterday's run however was painful and tiring!

I've ditched Laura, but i am still following the running times stated on the podcast I can get to 2 miles in 26 minutes no problem.

I've got this 5k on sunday in London and was wondering for any last minute tips to just get me to the magic 5k as the furthest I've run so far is 4K. I'm debating running today and then having a rest day before the run day!

I can't believe 8 weeks ago I couldn't run for more than a minute without puffing and panting!

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My only 3 tips are

(1) don't run yesterday (sorry!)

(2) definitely DON'T run today!

(3) Just take it nice and easy - if you can run 4k, you can easily do 5k.

Good luck!


Good luck, you will be able to do it!! I don't think you shouldn't have necessarily run yesterday if you are in a routine. One tip I would give is don't get swept up in the moment and speed off too fast initially, keep your head and be nice and steady off the start line :) You will be fab!

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Good luck..but slow and steady!


You can do it. I would suggest on the day give yourself either a walk break or much slower run for 30 seconds after each kilometre. Good luck you can do it 😎


As the guys above have said: pacing is the key. If you haven't run with a group before it will be easy to go off too fast.

If you have an app' or watch or some way to monitor your speed then use it and stay at your 13 min/mile pace or below for at least those first 2 miles. Once you get there, you can decide how you feel about pacing the last mile.

And if you need to walk some of it then do that: Getting out and running is good. Getting round the course is great. You don't need to worry about running the whole way at the moment.

Happy running!


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All of the above and enjoy it!

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Thank you guys :D I'm excited and nervous to do it tomorrow but will take all of this on board and will let you know the outcome!


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