Running and dieting?

Still not dropped a pound (boo) and now on week 9 of the plan. All the move more eat less and you'll lose weight theories seem to be mocking me. I've read the science but surely....very very frustrating. And no. Don't seem to have lost size either (boo again)

At what point will my body give in and burn a bit of fat?! I follow the weight watchers diet loosely and was losing a steady 1lb a week, that was until I started running.

Any other frustrated wanna be lighter bods out there with advice?


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  • I use and have lost 2st 3lbs since starting with them, 1 stone since I started jogging. Got to lose another 4lbs to get to my target weight, but my BMI is 22.8 which is OK now. :)

  • Well done. That's a great weight loss.

  • Oldgirls point about bmi is important. How much you expect to lose is often determined by how much extra you have.

    The 30min workouts 3x a week is at best going to burn 1,500 calories but probably closer to a 1000 in total.

    It takes a deficit of 3,500 calories a week to lose a pound a week.

    I am now at somewhere around week 12, and lost fifty pounds via this and slimming world. But, my bmi was around 43 when I started.

    By week 9 you *must* be feeling better though? Your breathing, your heart rate, blood pressure and sleeping must all have improved far more than a few pounds off.

  • My BMI is currently 28. And yes, def feeling better in myself, the fact I can run for 30 minutes and pretty much have a conversation minutes after is a huge indication of how far I've come. Just would dearly like to see the scale dropping. 50lbs is an amazing loss. Well done!

  • I am also doing Slimmers World and have lost 53 lbs. I'm on week 6 of C25K and however, have not lost but gained a few pounds since starting to run- put this down to muscle building or body adjusting to running? Any ideas why? I'm hoping I reach a point when the extra exercise will shed some pounds.

  • I hear a lot of people do suffer from the temporary weight gain, sometimes its because the exercise can make some hungry so they immediately eat all the calories burned and more.

    Of course there is the other side to losing fifty pounds plus, the amount of calories you need to sustain yourself drops as well. So a diet that got you through a nice steady loss in the past might now be the amount for you to maintain and not lose.

  • This has been a bugbear for me, if I run 3 times a week and adhere pretty strictly to WW I will lose half a pound a week, I put it down to sitting down all day 5 days a week in the office + my age+ being very short + the fact that I have never found it easy to lose poundage. Now I run regularly I am also hungrier so it is a conspiracy against me getting down to a decent weight. Like you I am hoping that at some point my body will decide its got to give in and repay all my efforts. I get a bit fed up at WW when people lose a stone in a month and whatever but still keep plugging on, going to try an at home weights routine to see if that adds anything to the mix. Good luck to you - watch this space to see if I win the battle to fight the flab

  • Weeks I have been successful in losing weight as I've neared my goal weight I have done walking and/or swimming on rest days. Swimming is a wonderful exercise which will help with your breathing, it also takes the stress off the leg joints for a change. I agree that all the exercise does give you hungry feeling but that could quite easily be dehydration so before you reach for the food cupboard have a good long drink of water or juice and follow it up with a cup of herbal/fruit tea. I try and avoid caffeine. Don't get hung up on weight loss it will happen, the body is a very complicated piece of machinery which I swear has a mind of its own too. Good luck

  • especially when it is a woman's body!!!!! l liked this reply Oldgirl it made me chuckle!!!!

  • I've lost 3 stone since beginning of Feb. My BMI was 30, it's now 24. I put it partly down to exercise. I run 3 times a week, swim just over a mile twice a week and do at least a 4 mile brisk walk twice a week. However, although the exercise makes me feel great I would say that the reason I have lost weight is due to watching what I eat. I calorie count and just make sure I burn more calories than I eat. I still have occassional choccy bars and takeaways but fit it all into my weekly calories.

    If I was doing all the exercise I'm currently doing and still eating what i used to eat I'm pretty sure i would still be gaining weight.

    I think (although I could be wrong) it's pretty well documented that running 5k+ although very good for general fitness, heart etc isn't a great fat burner. More intense exercise (intervals for example) would be better for that.

  • I was at running club tonight and the coach said the exact same thing about intervals being better for weight loss.

  • what are intervals? Sorry if i sound dim but am new to all this exercise business.

  • I am not an expert, but almost all of the information that I have read since I decided to lead a healthier lifestyle say that aerobic exercise (running) alone will not lead to optimum weight lose. A person must incorporate strength training also. Not only are you burning fat while training, in addition, muscle continues to burn fat at throughout the day at a higher rate than post-aerobic exercise activity.

    So, the bottom line is that you will need to build up total body muscle. You don't have to lift heavy weights or any weights, you can do calisthenic exercises that use only your body weight. This is what I do in my fitness bootcamp class, and I have seen my weekly weight loss double from 1 lb. per week to 2 lbs. per week.

  • For most of c25k my weightloss has slowed down considerably but I'm noticing that my shape has changed, my tummy and legs showing most improvement. However this week I lost 7.5lbs (yes 7.5 lbs!) but I feel that my body is more comfortable with running and dieting, up til now I haven't really felt right.

    As keepntabs says running alone is not the best way to lose weight, you should bring in resistance training, low weight high reps. It is to do with increasing muscle mass, muscles burn cals, fat doesn't. So by building muscle you are burning more cals by default.

    Upping your water might also help increase your losses. You might be retaining water at the moment

    I am still 1.5 - 2 stones away from my goal and I have to say sticking to my vlcd has been much harder whilst I have been on C25K. I am currently on B210k but not sure I will make 10k whilst I'm on 550cals! Though I'm not ready to give up trying just yet :)

    Good luck all

  • I've put a stone on since I started the program in March but I did quit smoking too and that didn't help :( I finally started loosing weight last week and I lost 3.5lbs. I also joined slimming world last week and tonight at weigh in I'd lost another 2.5lb. :)

    I changed my diet but the biggest difference is exercise, I exercised for 14 hours in the last week, not all heavy impact, I did do a lot of walking but I think this is where the weight loss comes from.

    I was also under the illusion I'd lose weight if I went running :/

  • I am doing this in conjunction with Slimming World which I've just got to target with looking at it more for fitness & toning. What makes the biggest difference is what you eat obviously exercise plays a part but its the fuel going in that makes the biggest difference. Your shape may change without losing the lbs so good luck to you :)

  • From what i've read weightloss can be dependant on how hard you work during a run, the harder the run the less fat you burn. Its easy to go from 30-40% calories from fat down to 19% or less calories from fat just by working too hard

    Maybe have a look at getting a heart rate monitor to use while you run, this way you can make sure your keeping in a good zone for fat burning, or ensure you get a good mix while you run.

  • Thanks all for you comments and advice. It's certainly a science. I'll soldier on and if nothing else, will be healthier and fitter. Good luck all.

  • Alaiyo wrote a really good blog a few weeks ago with all the science bits explained. Makes good- and encouraging- reading

  • Hi Izzybee! I bet you feel better? I was kinda disappointed at the lack of weight loss on C25K myself. Maybe I was eating more to make up for all the extra energy I was using?

    Anyways, I am on a new plan now, and running 4 times a week. These past 3 weeks or so, I have lost a few pounds and the fat around my middle is melting away - just sort of 'receding'! I'm eating sensibly, but not strictly counting calories or anything.

    So maybe once you graduate and keep working toward longer or faster runs, you might see the difference then? Well done for getting this far! Good luck :)

  • Now that is encouraging!! Well done and thanks for that bit of motivation. I had figured that once I graduate (am resting at the mo due to the dreaded shin splints) I want to run half hour 5 times a week and that must have an effect. Now if I can just leave the chocolate alone I'll be fine!! Thanks again and good luck to you too.

  • Thought Id put my two pennys worth in - I did the slimming world diet and lost nearly 2 stones in roughly 4 months, I now have a BMI of 23, so really happy with my progress. I found consistency of weight loss frustrating - I could be an angel one week - eat all the right things, running, swimming,zumba-ing and still not lose a pound and other weeks I'd eat cake and lose 2 lbs. Bodies are weird things. If your thinking of a slimming world diet, i found the best results with making sure I was never hungry (i feasted on fruit and veg) and had very little to no syns at all. Also I think going running at a time of day which was previously a weakness for me (straight after work - known to head straight for fridge) meant that I didnt eat extra food I was just having because I was tired but couldnt be bothered to wait for my tea. I think theres a big case of trial and error with these things, I have been on diets before that made me miserable and never lost a lb, you just need to find what works for you.

    Completely agree with Babana - its what you put in your body that dictates your weight. Exercise is great and I cant praise the benefits of running highly enough but I believe weight is tied to what you eat.

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