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Overweight on c25k but not dieting


I started c25k this week as am 3.5 stone overweight and need to do something. I've yo yo dieted all my adult life and the only time I was able to stabilise my weight was when I exercised regularly (went to the gym 3-4 times a week).

I have had my second baby 5 months ago and breastfeeding so struggling to diet as I'm hungry and sleep deprived. I completed my first week yesterday and feel revitalised and I also enjoy the alone time as I have a 2 year old too.

What I want to know is can I continue this programme without dieting? Will I be able to lose weight? I want to be able to change my way of life and do exercise so I can spend time with my children without worrying how I look and if I can keep up with them. But I can't get my head round a diet just yet. Please help!

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I would say try one step at a time. You sound like you have a lot on. Concentrate on the program and it might help everything else fit into place. Most people find that just running changes body shape, as you progress those lovely little endorphins lift your mood and help you sleep better and then as you come close to finishing you might be in a completely different place to assess what you want to do next. Good luck..


I agree about the sleeping!! I could sleep for England now I'm running. I gave up the booze too and that makes a heck of a difference to weight and sleep.

If you're running regularly Bianx I think you'll become more aware about what you eat and that might well just get you (perhaps unconsciously) to change your diet and the amount of food you're eating. I certainly wouldn't eat any more as you're looking for calorie deficit if you want to lose weight. If you keep running you shouldn't gain weight so long as you don't over compensate, which I'm sure many us have been guilty of at the beginning as we're so ravenous. See how it goes and don't worry. Just concentrate on the next run with Laura, and enjoy it.


If you remember that running doesn't burn off great amounts of calories, maybe a half hour run is 2 snickers, and you'll be all right. I think I really started to lose weight when I upped to 45 minutes running, but don't stress about it, if you're out moving it's good ;-)

If you've got a smartphone I can recommend MyFitnessPal, it's really great for keeping a log of what you eat.


I think if you stick with the programme you will see huge benefits. Of all kinds. I sympathise with your lack of sleep, that is horrible, I can remember those nights so well and I'm going back 18 years! So if you can get some time to do this I think you will achieve so much. I have changed my diet, not drastically, and not really consciously, but small changes , and I don't really crave the same sort of foods now and have lost some weight, and that is without trying. So, I reckon just keep with it and you will get fitter anyway and see how things go once you've completed. Good luck with it all x

I can understand completely. I've got a two year old not at nursery yet. I've only recently started in January to look after myself after having C-Section, post-natal depression and other problems at home but now my outlook, view to exercise has completely changed and my depression has remained at bay because of this programme. So hang in there - do what you can. I wouldn't diet yet as you're breastfeeding but exercise and fresh air is all good for feel good factor and get the sunshine. Good luck :-)


Hiya, losing weight was one of the reasons I started C25k, but now that I have got into it (week 6) my goals have changed. Getting fitter, feeling happier and sleeping better have been much more satisfying than losing weight. I didn't lose much to begin with, but saw my shape change, and have lost 8lb now. I'm not dieting just eating healthily, once I've been out for a run I find myself not wanting to undo the progress! Good luck :-)

You sound just like me! I too want to do this to drop weight as they key to being slim (and staying slim!) is regular exercise. I have a 3.5 yr old and an 18 mo old and have found it impossible.to diet despite doing slimming world. I just want to be fit and happy and be a good role model for my two little lassies! We can do it!

Hi. You can run to lose weight or you can run just because you enjoy it. There's no absolute rule. Having been 'big' most of my life, I can say with some conviction that my personal weight loss - nearly 4 stone was down to a combination of eating the right stuff and regular exercise through c25k initially and now my three runs a week. Losing weight, in my experience, is down to two things. First there's the science bit - burn more energy than you take in and you must lose weight - that is unarguable. If it helps, my Garmin watch says my typical 5k burns about 450 calories. The second is the mental side. You must fight the twin demons of choccy/beer/wine/whatever seduction and easy excuses not to run! This is much, much harder than the science, but the pay off is satisfaction beyond belief. I eat a lot more salad than I used to, but I still treat myself to the occasional chocolate excess (Mmmmm Reeses Cups!!) - but only in moderation.

Kags44Graduate in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

Im a Reece's cups fan too mmmmmm but will keep running !

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

My typical 5K burns only half yours!

Rob_and_his_westieGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Either I'm running too fast or my Garmin needs tuning!

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

You might just be good. My brother runs twice as fast as me, burned 700 calories in an hour's running 10k I think


I didn't even contemplate dieting until after I finished breastfeeding my two...you are doing really really well...carry on with the programme and when you feel ready/ no longer breastfeeding etc get myfitnesspal app and you will find that along with the exercise you won't go hungry. One step at a time eh! And the running will tone up your body too, and change your life :)


The trouble with thinking you are not going to try to lose weight until you have finished breastfeeding is that you may thereby curtail it and thus increase your risks of some of the things you are perhaps hoping to avoid by losing weight (and miss out on a few months/year + worth of easier mothering, easier getting back to sleep etc) Not everyone loses weight whilst breastfeeding but that's what some of the weight is there for and at 5 months in you are burning more calories than the average woman, just sitting on the couch feeding your baby and reading stories to your 2 year old. Yippee!

So C25K could be a real help - not because it burns *loads* of calories in itself from the first day but because of all the other positive effects and being a foundation to build on. What you could do now is tweak what you are eating and make sure that you have decent, enjoyable food on hand so you are not genuinely hungry (cf a bit bored or stressed or down).

Postnatal exercises will help tone you up so you feel better too and if you can possibly afford it, there are some nice breastfeeding bras available now to sort all manner of tastes and good looking well fitting comfortable bras will help you feel and look better which then helps with weight loss. I found good bras and knickers (they weren't particularly expensive ones - M&S on special offer) were a real help with C25K - more important for me than what I had on my feet in the early days.

Be kind to yourself!


Thanks so much for all your motivational posts!! This place is amazing!!

I completed week 2, run one today and although shattered, am really enjoying the mental benefits of fresh air and exercise, not to mention the alone time!!

I will take it one step at a time. I also love Reece's peanut butter cups (and kit Kat chunky's)! I've downloaded my fitness pal but probably will start that in a few weeks when I feel ready.

In the meantime I'm enjoying these runs and did my first in the rain so the motivation is surprisingly there!!

Thanks again for replying everyone xxx

Holliday in reply to Bianx

Try do power walking it make you feel so good I loved it when I use do it try it for while let me know how it made you feel just realise you can do this I can't too disabled no regrets in past I done fell walking all over lakes everywhere taken photo a great memory I never forget you create a good memory's not nothing do lots exciting things on own and others go for it you want regret it let me know great

Don't think about diet know likes that word I say healthy food weight watchers is good and others just eat little meat lots veg not too many cars look recipes on Internet they good. Walk regular you be OK. Cheer up I think can only walk short distance you go for it. I would if I was you power walking great makes you feel great play music take care

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