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W7 R3 done this morning but now I'm shivering

Here's my weekly update. I managed to do all the runs this week but didn't enjoy it much. These longer runs seem relentless, monotonous, not really me. I woke up with a bit of a sniffle but after consulting the internet, decided that I was safe to go out. Now I'm on the sofa wrapped in two blankets with a hot water bottle, aching all over. I hope I haven't pushed it too far. I'll have my day's rest and see how I feel on Wednesday. Actually, I don't hate the running, and I do feel a sense of acheivement afterwards (even though I'm still incredibly slow). I'm just feeling sorry for myself I guess. At the moment, I'm on track to complete week 9 before my 40th birthady in Feb. I hope I haven't made a boo-boo by running this morning.

Boo (possibly Boo-Boo)

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I haven't got as far as doing 'long' runs yet but my sister-in-law is a good runner and she downloads e-books and podcasts to listen to while running which might be a good idea to distract your mind if you are finding it a bit boring...? I hope you feel better soon!


No, you won't have harmed yourself by going out for a run. Just take it easy for a day and see how you feel before going out on Wednesday.


I am also not greatly fond of continuous running - I have run non-stop for up to 10Klms many times -- but can't really say that I enjoy it. There are others here who feel the same way - I enjoy run/walk more , and am actually even faster when I do so.

What we are doing is wonderful for us - for a number of reasons - and it is most important that we keep on doing it. But as in every other aspect of life, we have to enjoy what we are doing , otherwise it is ultimately doomed. So - do whatever you enjoy -- but just keep on doing it!!


Hello Boo. I found the long runs with the podcasts pretty boring, but now I've graduated I make playlists of my favourite songs and that makes a difference for me. Also it might be worth varying your route if you always run the same route everyday. Hope you feel better soon!


hope you are feelin better soon :) more likely the bug that has got you feeling off colour and running when you are not well isnt a good thing. take an extra rest day or two if you need too , focus on the garduation run and your 40th birthday ,a wonderful way to celebrate :D


I'm another podcast fan. though the other day I switched it off or the bit of my run that was in the park so I could listen to the birds singing and admire the trees. Radio 4 has lots of good podcasts. I use Saturday Live for long runs, and Friday Night Comedy for shorter outings.


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