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Week 1, Run 2! Muddy slip and slide!

So my second time out was a lot easier than the first in the beginning, no hayfever to mess with my chest and just generally felt a lot better, but still only did half a podcast! I could've done more fitness wise, of course I was a little out of breath but I didn't feel as tired but I had to stop because where I run isn't the nicest of places, the path is uneven which I can usually cope with but along with the huge puddles and big patches of slippy mud I felt like I was going to go flying if I took a wrong step, I did have a few "bambi on ice" moments in the mud! Think I might have that problem for a while if the weather forecast is anything to go by but in a couple of weeks I'll be staying with my grandparents pre move to Devon and I can use a proper path to run on!

All things considered felt a lot better about this today :) Thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog! You're all very kind! :P

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Well done on run2 Kelly. Im doing my 2nd run this afternoon and havent tried running outside yet, not sure the world is ready for the sight of my bottom wobbling as i puff and pant up the road.

Sounds like you did a good job considering the bad conditions!


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