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Week 1 Run 2 / Advice for Week 2?

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Completed my second run this morning, I’m finding it pretty tough but i’m sticking to it. Feeling nervous about going onto week 2 after my final run this week, as i find this week difficult already!

Any Advice?

15 Replies
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Be positive about it. I find a good mindset really helps. Visualise yourself running for 90 seconds, and how you will feel after.

Trust the plan. It really works. Make sure you go slow and have the rest days. Well done!

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Don’t overthink it simplymerissa clear your mind and focus on how great you’ll feel when you’ve completed it. I heard this on one of those motivational videos on You Tube ‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when your done’ that can be your new mantra....Good Luck 👍

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simplymerissa in reply to Couchphoenix

I love that, deffo gonna repeat that in my mind during the workout

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You've completed week 1, you pushed through and did it! That means you're ready for week 2. It's as much about breaking the mental block, those pesky gremlins telling you 'you can't', as much as it is about fitness. Trust in the programme and believe in yourself. Slow and steady does it. You will get there 🙂

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simplymerissa in reply to Beatlesforever

thank you for the advice!

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youtu.be/9L2b2khySLE check out this video and try this technique it certainly helped me and others on here that were struggling 😀

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simplymerissa in reply to Tipee

thank you so much! i’ll check this out now 😊

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Hi simplymerissa, I have just done week 1 run 3! I have actually finished week 1! At the start of the week I didn't think I could do it so am very proud of myself today!! I am also not very active and it's been tough but, after run 2 I watched a video about breathing techniques and posture and I concentrated on that today. I definitely did find it easier. I also watched the video that Tipee has suggested and that helped because I think I was trying to run too fast on run 1. I know what you mean about week 2, though. I am nervous too!

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simplymerissa in reply to Alimo

so relieved to hear someone else in the same position as me! Do you have any links for Breathing techniques that i could watch? 😊

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Alimo in reply to simplymerissa

This is a good one. I got into the rhythm of breathing in for three and out for three. And, I kept imagining the piece of string holding me up straight too! Seemed to work today! ☺️ youtu.be/MtvBzgeUrZ8

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Hello I completed run 2 on Wednesday, hoping to do Run 3 today. Make sure you stretch and eat lots of protein for muscle recovery. I’m nervous too, thankfully it will cool down a bit next week which might make it easier to run too. Good luck!

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Alimo in reply to Chocoholic77

Hi Chocoholic77, Are you on week 1 too? If so, we are on the same routine! I finished run 3 this morning. Week one is now done and dusted! Hurrah! ☺️

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simplymerissa in reply to Alimo

I completed run 2 today, hoping to do run 3 on Sunday! ❤️

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Chocoholic77 in reply to Alimo

Yes I am. Well done! 👍🏽

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Nothing at all to worry about, you’ll be surprised as you go along in the program how each run, each week, prepares you for the next. You’ve got this 😊

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