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Delayed w6r3

Why does life keep getting in the way!!!

This should have been Fridays run, but Friday to Sunday was spent reading and essay writing, not an excuse but I had a serious case of brain death so struggled with that big time, not only that but kids, end of half term, and Sunday being a grand prix day and an achy cold coming on....Too many excuses I know, but here I am after my 25 min run and what can I say apart from success! These longer runs are easier than expected, the only problem I seem to be having is sweaty earbuds!

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See, once you forget all the excuses, and just put your shoes on, half the battle is won!!!!

Well done...Week 6 run 3 is a biggie.

ps what are earbuds? :)


Thanks, I really should quit my moaning as I do feel so much better for running, earbuds are little in ear earphones, big ones dont fit my ears and fall out so I use the little ones but now they still keep falling out because they get all sweaty!


And i thought you had something wrong with your ears.........


:) fortunately not! :)


I'm doing this run tomorrow, really looking forward to it. I did run 2 yesterday at five in the morning. I couldn't sleep so thought what the hell lets do it. I was buzzing all day cos the run went well, it was such a lovely morning. Hoping to sleep well tonight & do the run early evening. :-))


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